Issues and Priorities for the Library community to become familiar with during this Legislative season


Fully fund NYS libraries at $102M as stipulated in Education Law
Provide desperately needed funding to maintain NYS’s critical information infrastructure; enabling libraries to continue delivering education and enrichment services, by addressing critical technology needs.

Maintenance of Effort Waivers (2013 ‐ passed Senate)
Allows libraries to apply for maintenance of effort waivers to be granted by the NYS Commissioner of Education for a period of up to three years (proposed amended language).

Taxpayer Access to Publicly‐Funded Research (returning)
Requires publicly‐funded research that has been submitted for publication in peer‐reviewed journals to be made available online.

Local Government Efficiency Grants (returning; Assemblyman Otis sponsor, need Senate sponsor) Includes public library systems as entities that are eligible to apply for local government efficiency grants.
SED Library Study (2013 – passed Assembly)
Directs SED to develop a plan and issue a report for increasing access to and lending of electronic books in public libraries and library systems.

EDC Study (2013 – passed Assembly)
Commissions study of the economic impact of public libraries and library systems in NYS.

Digital Literacy (returning)
Substitutes the term “digital literacy” for the dated term “internet safety” in Education Law to better prepare students to effectively use technology.

Library Construction Aid Matching Provisions
Makes permanent current program guidelines on matching requirements to ensure libraries in economically disadvantaged areas are able to make needed capital improvements.