Library Trustees Association of New York
Directors’ Meeting and Planning Session Minutes
Friday, June 17-Saturday, June 18, 2016

Directors Present: Bola Majekodunmi, Tish Fontanella, Adria Ripka, Mary-Ellen Darling, George Wolf, Martha Anderson, Jean Currie, John McCarthy, Phil Archer, Timothy Gavin (Executive Director).
Guest Present: None

General Discussions:

  • Meeting was called to order by the president at 7:35pm, June 17, 2016.
  • Approval of Minutes of May 2016: George made motion to approve May 2016 minutes with corrections. Adria seconded motion to approve. Motion carried.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Bola presented current Financial Statement and Balance Sheet for discussion entertaining questions and comments. Treasurer’s Report was accepted for filing. Members express desire to have Profit and Loss statement presented differently in such a way as to be more informative and easier to comprehend. Bola shall revise Profit and Loss statement with changes in column headings and send to Directors for review. It was reported that losses incurred at the 2016 Trustee Institute was approximately four hundred dollars ($400).
  • President’s Report: Tish thanked directors on work done on 2016 Trustee Institute. The president expressed how pleased she was in how much we have been able to accomplish as a group. President reminded members that election of officers shall take place at the November 2016 meeting in readiness for new terms starting in January, 2017.
  • Executive Director’s Report:Tim referred to his report in the board package with a few highlights. He reported that we are only 5 members shy of attaining our 2016 membership goal and that 21 of 23 library systems in the state are members. Tim advised directors to keep looking for ways to continually grow membership and increase reach-out efforts.Tim reminded Directors that “Duties of an LTA Director” handout and a summary of 2016 Trustee Institute are both included in the each Director’s meeting package.Action Item – Mary Ellen offered and the board agreed to wordsmith the “Duties of an LT Director” document.Executive Director reported that graduate student intern from Division of Library Development (DLD) was leaving and that DLD is looking to hire another intern with the same arrangement of the intern being available to support LTA efforts as requested by LTA. He suggested discussion of continued membership expansion as part of Long Range Plan.

    Tim informed Directors that George gave him a check of one hundred dollars ($100) to offset losses incurred at 2016 Trustee Institute.

  • Committee Reports: Since committee reports had been sent out to members days prior to the meeting for review by directors, the president asked if anyone has any questions and/or comments on the reports (instead of having each committee report presented at the meeting).
  • Finance:The committee was tasked to create a long range financial plan and develop a budget to be adopted at the November 2016 meeting.Action Item – Committee shall define finance reporting structure and work with executive Director to implement.
  • Nominating: Martha inquired about expectations of the committee with regards to nominating officers to which Tish reiterated that the committee is expected to present a slate of officers at the November meeting. Selection of officers for nomination may be done in consultation with the Executive Committee and Executive Director. Decision was made to remove “Recognition” from Mary Ellen’s title as a member of Nominating Committee.
  • Education:Jean recapped events of 2016 Trustee Institute and thanked everyone for their participation. She stated her belief that the 2016 Trustee Institute was successful and turned out better than anticipated. Board to commence active 2017 Trustee Institute planning by reaching out to libraries on Long Island regarding programs and speakers.Mary Ellen gave an update on planning of a Regional Institute. Martha inquired as to whether a title has be selected for the Regional Institute to which Mary Ellen responded that a title has not been finalized.Action Item – Mary Ellen and Tim plan on meeting with libraries included in the focus area for Regional Institute on Tuesday (June 21, 2016) to continue with planning.Phil expressed a preference for not having the Regional Institute in the last two weeks of August as he will not be available to participate. Mary Ellen inquire about having more than one Regional Institute in a given year. Marth was of the opinion that LTA cannot accommodate more than one Regional Institute a year. It was suggested that it might be time to re-visit the idea of having more regional Institutes a year and no annual Trustee Institute.
  • Legislation: Directors agreed that LTA needs to look into developing a method to educate trustees on contacting legislators and advocating. LTA to seek out libraries that currently working well with legislators and sharing the practice with other libraries.
  • Action Item – The committee was tasked with seeking out and highlighting legislative efforts of a library system or library in the fall issue of LTA Newsletter.
  • Membership: Directors agreed to change committee name to “Membership and Sponsorship Committee” with an additional task to “Develop plans to recruit sponsors”.
  • Action Item – The committee was tasked to develop telephone script and share with LTA Directors to help in recruiting more members.
  • Action Item – Jean offered and the board agreed to solicit for the name of a trustee from Plattsburg Public Library that might be interested in sitting on LTA board.
  • Action Item – Tish offered and the board agreed to solicit for names of trustees from Suffolk and Nassau Library Systems that might be interested in sitting on LTA board.
  • Action Item – Adria offered and the board agreed to solicit for the name of a trustee from Mid-York Library System Director that might be interested in sitting on LTA board.
  • Action Item – Tim offered and the board agreed to solicit for the name of trustees from Four County and SALS that might be interested in sitting on LTA board.
  • Action Item –Mary Ellen offered and the board agreed to solicit for the name of a trustee from Nioga that might be interested in sitting on LTA board.All the LTA Director solicitation calls mentioned above are expected to be made in the next one month.
  • Communications: Adria informed Directors that work on next Newsletter shall be completed this week and go out to Kelly the following week. Adria requested a summary of 2016 Trustee Institute highlights from Jean to be included in LTA Newsletter.
  • Awards:
    The Board agreed to revise committee’s name to Recognition and Awards Committee with Jean Currie as Committee Chair and Mary Ellen Darling as Recognition Program Chair. A task was revised to “Select Distinguished Service Award recipient” and a new task “Coordinate Trustee Recognition Program” was added to committee activities.
    Tim informed the board that we received Thank You letters from some 2016 Trustee Institute Awardees.
  • Old Business:
    • September 23-24, 2016 and November 11-12 2016 were reconfirmed as two remaining meeting dates for 2016.
    • Board agreed to rename LTA Certified Trustees Program as “Successful Trustees Achieve Recognition (STAR)”. The board accepted changes recommended on the recognition program.Action Item – The Recognition and Awards Committee was tasked at looking for a way of contacting directors of potential recognition awardees after a certain level has been reached (credits attained).
  • New Business:
    • Conflict of Interest policy drafted by the By-laws committee was reviewed. George made motion to accept the Conflict of Interest Policy with corrections. Adria seconded the motion. Motion carried.
    • Action Item – The board will work on the meeting agenda to incorporate a mechanism of finding out how the board and Executive Director are fairing against set goals.
    • The board developed an “Annual Objectives for Committees” document.
    • Executive Session: 9:01pm – Motion to go into executive session was made by Jean and seconded by Adria. Motion carried.

9:47pm – Motion to come out of Executive session was made by Jean and seconded by Adria. Motion carried.

Motion to renew Tim’s contract as an independent contract with additional two thousand dollars in contract fees {bringing total contract fees to twenty-seven thousand dollars ($27,000)} was made by John and seconded by George. Motion carried. The new contract shall cover the period September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017).

Action Item – Jean and George offered and the board accepted to review and propose revisions to structure and format of Executive Directors contract.

There being no other business of the board to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Phil at 2:55pm, June 18, 2016 and seconded by Jean. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted:
Bola Majekodunmi.