Library Trustees Association of New York
Hampton Inn, Albany, NY

Meeting Minutes

Friday, December 1, 2017 to Saturday, December 2, 2017

Directors Present: Adria Ripka, Martha Anderson, Jean Currie, George Wolf, John McCarthy, Edris Scherer, Bola Majekodunmi, Timothy Gavin (Executive Director).

Excused Absence: Phil Archer, Susan Sabers Chapman, Mary Ellen Darling

Guests Present: None

Call to Order:

President Ripka called the meeting to order at 7:42 pm Friday December 1, 2016

Public Comment:


Approval of Minutes:

Moved by Wolf, seconded by Scherer to approve the minutes of 10-11 March 2017. Motion Passed.

President’s Report:

Ripka reported the following:

  •     Making an effort to get representation beyond her term from her region
  •     Working with Tim to handle timeliness of responses from board to the ED
  •     Verify with ED as to best method of contact
  •     Board members need to be more proactive on committee assignments
  •     Financial payouts will be made more monthly
  •     ED is requesting additional amount to hire Assistant for lower level tasks
  •     Gavin requested a more informal and frequent feedback process to prepare for annual review, and requested that feedback is shared dire
  •     Ripka suggested we renew the current contract with ED

Nominations for Officers and Renewal of Terms

  •     McCarthy ended his term
  •     Jean Currie was renewed for another term
  •     Phil Archer was renewed for a second term
  •     Martha Anderson was renewed for a third term
  •     Moved by Wolf, seconded by Majekodunmi, motion was passed
  •     McCarthy was appointed by Ripka as recording secretary
  •     Slate of officers was proposed as such
  •     President: Adria Ripka
  •     Vice-Persident: Martha Anderson
  •     Treasurer: Bola Majekodunmi
  •     Secretary: Mary Ellen Darling
  •     Moved by Wolf, seconded by Majekodunmi, motion was passed

TI 2018 Report and Discussion,

Anderson reported the following

  •     Suggested a structure for the TI, Friday evening and Saturday morning/afternoon
  •     Tim Burke as keynote on Friday night
  •     Two workshop periods Saturday AM, Lunch then awards, Regent, keynote
  •     Discussion of how to best use Joe Eisner in the program
  •     Currie suggested a panel as opposed to a single keynote on Saturday
  •     Anderson estimated food costs at $160, plus $15 for a break.
  •     Block room rate is $157 plus tax
  •     Anderson wants to keep the number under $200
  •     Westchester will promote the event internally
  •     Gavin will make an effort to get NYC systems as sponsors
  •     Anderson said the local system directors wanted educational experiences beyond what the systems offer.
  •     We may or may not have an author panel, but inviting authors is considered
  •     May change how we do gift basket fundraiser
  •     Fee for the conference will be $250 for members and $275 for nonmembers
  •     Forward thinking is the theme (staying relevant)
  •     Dates are April 27 and 28, 2018

The Board recessed at 9:45 pm until Saturday.

The Board reconvened at  11.22 a.m. on Saturday, 2 December, 2018

New Business:

  •     2018 meeting dates:
  •     January 13th, 9-10:30 Teleconference
  •     March 2-3, Albany
  •     Institute April, 27-28, Long Island
  •     June 15-16, Albany
  •     September 7-8, Albany
  •     November 30 – December 1, Albany
  •     Advocacy Day 2018, February 28

Executive Director’s Report:

Gavin reported the following:

  •     Gavin will be taking vacation last week of January into early February
  •     Diane Coyne from Suffolk is being sought for board membership
  •     A trustee from SALS is being considered as well
  •     Nioga library system has registered their entire system as LTA members
  •     Mid York system will be registering for 2017 and 18
  •     Archer could use some assistance on sponsorships
  •     Monday and Tuesday nights are best to contact ED, Saturday mornings also
  •     Mary Jean from Buffalo would like us to come out to their annual meeting in February to do any presentation we would like
  •     We received the DLD data from the annual reports
  •     Trustee Handbook will be reprinted in January after adding missing information.
  •     Survey of new Minimum Standards will be coming out soon

Committee Reports:

  •     The traditional awards will be given at the TI this year
  •     Requests for nominations will be sent out

Majekodunmi noted the following

  •     Changes in reporting were discussed in committee and will be made going forward
  •     2016 budget will be made into Actual numbers
  •     P&L format will be restructured
  •     Gavin is requesting $1000 to hire someone for clerical tasks. Discussion centered on how to structure this.
  •     Minor adjustments to proposed budget from committee were discussed
  •     Majekodunmi moved to approve the proposed 2018 budget, Wolf seconded, motion approved unanimously.

McCarthy noted the following:

  •     Invoices will be going out soon for 2018
  •     A phone script is in development
  •     Blog post is up online to remind people about membership
  •     Facebook hits are increasing
  •     January newsletter will include TI information
  •     Gavin noted Darling’s strong efforts

Old Business:

Annual Plan Progress
  •     McCarthy will inquire about other meeting space options.

There being no other business of the board to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Wolf at 1:31 . Motion passed.

Submitted by John McCarthy, Recording Secretary.