Queens Library Policy on E-Readers

In 2012, Queens Library began lending e-readers to customers, pre-loaded with content. It was a giant leap forward in customer service, and an opportunity for our library cardholders to become familiar with the advantages and uses of e-reading. A large percentage of library users in Queens depend solely on their public library for computer and […]

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Policy Development Checklist

Effective policies are not so much created as they are developed. As soon as a policy is approved, the work continues and the process of analyzing effectiveness and implementation begins. Without this follow up, the strength of a policy’s usefulness is open for debate. A policy is only as effective as how well it is […]

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Policy Database – New Features

Policy Database – New Features! Three new features to help you find what you are looking for more efficiently . . . 1. Search by Library or System The policy database has been restructured to allow users to search for policies from library systems in addition to individual libraries.  To use this search feature, please […]

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