Tribute To Bernard A. Margolis

Bernard A. Margolis began serving as New York State Librarian and Assistant Commissioner for Libraries in January 2009. Reporting to the Deputy Commissioner for Cultural Education, Mr. Margolis administered the New York State Research Library and the Division of Library Development. In partnership with the state’s 73 public and school library systems, the State Library [...]

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Call For LTA Directors

LTA is inviting strong representatives from all areas of New York State which are not highlighted in red, to serve on LTA's Board of Directors. LTA is looking for candidates from Library Systems which are not currently represented on the board. LTA wishes to identify outstanding individuals who would like to participate in fulfilling LTA's mission of: [...]

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Gloversville Public Library – Restoration of an Historic Carnegie Library

The roots of the Gloversville Public Library dates back to 1880 with the incorporation of the Levi Parsons Library of Gloversville and Kingsboro, a subscription library. In 1888 the library re-chartered as the Gloversville Free Library, an association library. And finally in 2005, when support from the city of Gloversville was reduced from $150,000 per […]

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