The following is included from a message submitted by DLD to the NY Listserv.  We are including it here to help spread the word!

State Librarian and Assistant Commissioner for Libraries Bernard A.
Margolis and Chair of the Regents Advisory Council on Libraries Gerald
Nichols encourage the library community and other interested
stakeholders to discuss and recommend implementation strategies for
Creating the Future: A 2020 Vision and Plan for Library Services in
New York State.

“We invite the library community and other interested stakeholders to
help us implement this exciting new vision and statewide plan for
library services,” said Nichols.  “This plan sets a new course for the
future and recognizes that, in spite of economic challenges, quality
library service must be available to every child and every adult in
New York.”

The New York State Board of Regents accepted the new plan as statewide
policy for libraries at their April 2012 meeting.  Members of the
Board, the State Librarian and the Regents Advisory Council on
Libraries will provide an opportunity for further discussion
concerning the Plan and its implementation during the November New
York Library Association Conference in Saratoga Springs. The Council
would like to incorporate implementation ideas from the library
community and others.

“The Board of Regents has directed me to work with the Council and
the library community to develop an implementation strategy and
detailed action plan,” said Margolis.  “The strategy will identify
which of the recommendations will be implemented through Regents
action, which may require changes to legislation and some other type
of action by the State Library, the library community and/or other key

“Library leaders, associations and other groups are scheduling various
summer and fall regional and statewide discussions focused on the plan
and strategies for implementation. My hope is that these discussions
will occur in every corner of the state,” said Nichols.  “For example,
the New York Alliance of Library Systems will be focusing on the
Plan’s recommendations concerning library systems during its annual
retreat in East Greenbush on August 17th, and the NY3Rs Association is
convening a statewide summit concerning academic and research library
information infrastructure in Saratoga Springs in September.

Library leaders are encouraged to send information about upcoming
planned events or discussions focused on the implementation of
“Creating the Future” to Council Vice-Chair John Hammond
(  Information about implementation activities and
events will be posted on a new “Creating the Future” webpage on the
State Library’s website and shared broadly with the library community
and other stakeholders.  Library leaders are also encouraged to send
resulting ideas and suggestions for implementation strategies or
action steps to John Hammond ( or Gerald Nichols

Questions about implementation or about “Creating the Future” may be
directed to Gerald Nichols (