Library Trustees Association
Board of Directors Meeting, 23-24 September, 2016

Call to Order: President Fontanella called the meeting to order at 7:35pm Friday, 23 September, 2016.

Present: Tish Fontanella, Phil Archer, Jean Currie, Mary-Ellen Darling, John McCarthy, Adria Ripka, George Wolf. Timothy Gavin, Executive Director.
Absent:Martha Anderson, Bola Majekodunmi

Public Comment: None

Approval of Minutes: Moved by Wolf, seconded by Ripka to approve the minutes of 17-18 June, 2018. Motion passed.

Introductions: Edris Scherer, Westchester Library System provided a letter of introduction as a potential LTA Board Member. She could not be present in person but will attend the November meeting.


  • Is a recommendation of a potential board candidate by a system director or LTA director enough?
  • There is still the potential for 3 new board members in November.
  • Darling had developed an excellent Duties of an LTA Director.
  • New board members should get a packet of key documents as they begin their term.

Treasurer’s Report: In the absence of the Treasurer, the Board briefly reviewed the P & L and Balance Sheet. LTA is doing well compared to this time last year especially in members and dues. Personal contacts make a big difference.

President’s Report: Fontanella noted the following:

  • Thanks to all Board member for their accomplishments since June.
  • Darling has created a spreadsheet of goals that will be given to us later.
  • Anderson has provided a penultimate version of the STAR Trustee Recognition program.
  • All Directors should have a set of key documents (By Laws, Policies, Budget, etc.)

Executive Director’s Report:
Gavin reported the following:

  • We have reached and exceeded our 2016 membership goal.
  • Sponsors – Vendors need to know that major financial decisions are made by Boards.
  • Copy Gavin on all emails.
  • The Batavia regional institute was a great success with 80 participants. There is a question of how LTA would subsidize these events, and how we can recognized and reward LTA membership at these events.

Committee Reports:


  • Currie briefly reviewed a Preliminary Budget and noted that it is conservative and will be tidied up to delete unneeded lines and to add notes for 2017.
  • Is there funding for the new STAR program? Yes.
  • The web site line has a small amount included for new features and for unexpected costs. Currently the cost is $300/month for maintenance and updates.

Anderson had presented the following slate for officers for 2017:

President: Adria Ripka
Vice President: Martha Anderson
Secretary: John McCarthy
Treasurer: Bola Majekodunmi

Motion by Wolf and seconded by Archer to accept the slate as presented.
Motion passed.

Anderson had provided a report that included information on the LTA programs at NYLA. There is one major program by LTA and eight that are co-sponsored.
There are no hotels in Long Island for a 2017 Institute. We agreed to get a location on LI for 2018. See later discussion on regional institutes.

Anderson and Gavin provided an extensive report on NYLA’s legislative priorities for 2017. Key issues are:

  • Increase aid proportionally with increases in Education Funding ($102.8m, 4.3% increase).
  • Continue successful messages.
  • Increase investment in the state library.
  • 4 library related bills that expired and will require resubmission to the legislature.
  • No new legislative initiatives on trustee training except discussion on including training requirements continues.

McCarthy has a draft of an email to recruit new members in November. The goal for 2017 is to have at least 25 more members than in 2016.

Ripka noted there is a draft newsletter for October.

The STAR program is almost ready for a roll out. See later discussion.

The Board recessed until Saturday at 9:30pm.

The Board reconvened at 9:15am on Saturday, 24 September, 2016

Guests: None

Old Business:
Organizational Meeting: To be held 11-12 November and to include:

    • election of new directors to begin terms 1/1/17
    • review of the 2017 calendar

LTA Board Meetings Venue Discussion

  • Costs at the Hampton Inn are going up – should we consider another venue?
  • Perhaps stay one more year while we look for something else?
  • Should directors contribute to the meeting costs?
  • Carpooling is encouraged to reduce any requested travel expenses.
  • McCarthy and Wolf will form an ad hoc taskforce to scout a potential new venue and to report back in November.


Recruitment of New Directors

  • There will be a vote on Scherer in November.
  • We need more board members. There are feelers out to potential new members.

Speaker suggestions for LTA programs/webinars

  • Gavin wants suggestions for speakers for programs or webinars especially on Robert’s Rules/ running good meetings.

Trustee Institute planning

    • We agreed to a full Institute on Long Island in 2018. Gavin is working with an event planner to identify a venue for either April 27-28 or May 4-5.
    • A local LTA Board member is helpful but if they do not have planning skills, may not be best! However a local system director is essential for planning.
    • After some discussion we agreed to hold two mini institutes in 2017.

Motion by Wolf and seconded by Ripka to hold two regional meetings in 2017 and to not hold a two day Institute. The two regional meetings to be In Binghamton in May and Long Island in the summer.
Motion passed.

  • Ripka and Currie will contact 4CLS (Steve Bachman) to begin planning the Binghamton meeting: getting ideas for topics, venue, speakers, time of day, fees, etc.
  • We need a poster to be used in such meetings listing LTA benefits.

LTA Board Goals:
We reviewed the LTA Goals 2016-2017 document provided by Darling for goals completed and those to be added or revised. Currie will update the document and send it to all directors.

Fontanella noted there should be a policy on what can be added to the web site -this issue was raised by whether a useful and relevant document developed by a company could be added. We agreed that the web, FB or Twitter poster and/or Gavin could have the discretion or authority to make decisions on content. We agreed that the sponsors should have their links higher up on the web pages.

NYLA Booth:
The booth costs $500 and it is not clear how much value we get, since trustee attendance is low. We agreed to have a booth in 2016 and to review this issue again in 2017. We should make available sponsors’ materials, LTA materials, and the STAR materials.

Currie suggested we change our sponsorship program to have Business Members who would pay much less but we may get many more and thus just as much money – this based on the model of the Ford Memorial Library. The issue will be added to the Long Range Plan.

STAR Program:

  • Work with Systems to recognize award recipients.
  • We made a few changes to the program and document.
  • Eventually there will be a self-reporting system on the web but in the meantime, it will be paper based by Gavin.
  • Gavin will talk with Kirchner, PULISDO President, to get advice on promotion and recognition.
  • It will be rolled out on the web and NYLA Conference in November.
  • It will be part of the LTA benefits list on a poster.


  • McCarthy is working with DLD on additional statistical reporting for trustees from system annual reports, e.g. longitudinal, type of library, rural vs urban, circulation trends.
  • On 30 Sept. there will be a Symposium for Libraries sponsored by U. Albany Library School.
  • On 29-30 Sept. there will be HATS training in Albany.

Motion by Wolf and seconded by Currie to adjourn at 2:30pm. Motion passed.

Minutes by Jean Currie, Secretary pro tem

Action Items from meeting 23-24 September, 2016

  1. Develop a package of key documents for all Board members (budget, by laws, director list with terms, committee assignments, long range plan, duties of directors, Executive Director contract, goals, ???) = Gavin, Currie
  2. Review Goals document for assignments = All
  3. Revise preliminary budget = Currie, Gavin
  4. Ad hoc taskforce check out new venue for meetings = McCarthy, Wolf
  5. Continue recruiting new board members = All
  6. Suggest speakers for programs/webinars, especially Robert’s Rules/good meetings = All
  7. Identify a Long Island venue for a TI in 2018 = Gavin
  8. Work with 4CLS on a regional meeting = Ripka, Currie
  9. Work with Suffolk &/or Nassau on a regional meeting = Gavin/Eisner?
  10. Develop a poster with LTA benefits to be used at meetings, booth etc. = Gavin??
  11. Update Goals document = Currie
  12. Help look after the NYLA booth = Fontanella, Archer, Currie, Gavin
  13. Add suggestion about business members to the Long Range Plan = McCarthy?