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Each year library advocates from across New York State converge on Albany to voice their support for funding and policies that benefit libraries. Their efforts have resulted in over $11M in additional library aid since 2011.

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Legislative Office Building
Albany, New York 12207

December 2017 LTA Minutes

Library Trustees Association of New York
Hampton Inn, Albany, NY

Meeting Minutes

Friday, December 1, 2017 to Saturday, December 2, 2017

Directors Present: Adria Ripka, Martha Anderson, Jean Currie, George Wolf, John McCarthy, Edris Scherer, Bola Majekodunmi, Timothy Gavin (Executive Director).

Excused Absence: Phil Archer, Susan Sabers Chapman, Mary Ellen Darling

Guests Present: None

Call to Order:

President Ripka called the meeting to order at 7:42 pm Friday December 1, 2016

Public Comment:


Approval of Minutes:

Moved by Wolf, seconded by Scherer to approve the minutes of 10-11 March 2017. Motion Passed.

President’s Report:

Ripka reported the following:

  •     Making an effort to get representation beyond her term from her region
  •     Working with Tim to handle timeliness of responses from board to the ED
  •     Verify with ED as to best method of contact
  •     Board members need to be more proactive on committee assignments
  •     Financial payouts will be made more monthly
  •     ED is requesting additional amount to hire Assistant for lower level tasks
  •     Gavin requested a more informal and frequent feedback process to prepare for annual review, and requested that feedback is shared dire
  •     Ripka suggested we renew the current contract with ED

Nominations for Officers and Renewal of Terms

  •     McCarthy ended his term
  •     Jean Currie was renewed for another term
  •     Phil Archer was renewed for a second term
  •     Martha Anderson was renewed for a third term
  •     Moved by Wolf, seconded by Majekodunmi, motion was passed
  •     McCarthy was appointed by Ripka as recording secretary
  •     Slate of officers was proposed as such
  •     President: Adria Ripka
  •     Vice-Persident: Martha Anderson
  •     Treasurer: Bola Majekodunmi
  •     Secretary: Mary Ellen Darling
  •     Moved by Wolf, seconded by Majekodunmi, motion was passed

TI 2018 Report and Discussion,

Anderson reported the following

  •     Suggested a structure for the TI, Friday evening and Saturday morning/afternoon
  •     Tim Burke as keynote on Friday night
  •     Two workshop periods Saturday AM, Lunch then awards, Regent, keynote
  •     Discussion of how to best use Joe Eisner in the program
  •     Currie suggested a panel as opposed to a single keynote on Saturday
  •     Anderson estimated food costs at $160, plus $15 for a break.
  •     Block room rate is $157 plus tax
  •     Anderson wants to keep the number under $200
  •     Westchester will promote the event internally
  •     Gavin will make an effort to get NYC systems as sponsors
  •     Anderson said the local system directors wanted educational experiences beyond what the systems offer.
  •     We may or may not have an author panel, but inviting authors is considered
  •     May change how we do gift basket fundraiser
  •     Fee for the conference will be $250 for members and $275 for nonmembers
  •     Forward thinking is the theme (staying relevant)
  •     Dates are April 27 and 28, 2018

The Board recessed at 9:45 pm until Saturday.

The Board reconvened at  11.22 a.m. on Saturday, 2 December, 2018

New Business:

  •     2018 meeting dates:
  •     January 13th, 9-10:30 Teleconference
  •     March 2-3, Albany
  •     Institute April, 27-28, Long Island
  •     June 15-16, Albany
  •     September 7-8, Albany
  •     November 30 – December 1, Albany
  •     Advocacy Day 2018, February 28

Executive Director’s Report:

Gavin reported the following:

  •     Gavin will be taking vacation last week of January into early February
  •     Diane Coyne from Suffolk is being sought for board membership
  •     A trustee from SALS is being considered as well
  •     Nioga library system has registered their entire system as LTA members
  •     Mid York system will be registering for 2017 and 18
  •     Archer could use some assistance on sponsorships
  •     Monday and Tuesday nights are best to contact ED, Saturday mornings also
  •     Mary Jean from Buffalo would like us to come out to their annual meeting in February to do any presentation we would like
  •     We received the DLD data from the annual reports
  •     Trustee Handbook will be reprinted in January after adding missing information.
  •     Survey of new Minimum Standards will be coming out soon

Committee Reports:

  •     The traditional awards will be given at the TI this year
  •     Requests for nominations will be sent out

Majekodunmi noted the following

  •     Changes in reporting were discussed in committee and will be made going forward
  •     2016 budget will be made into Actual numbers
  •     P&L format will be restructured
  •     Gavin is requesting $1000 to hire someone for clerical tasks. Discussion centered on how to structure this.
  •     Minor adjustments to proposed budget from committee were discussed
  •     Majekodunmi moved to approve the proposed 2018 budget, Wolf seconded, motion approved unanimously.

McCarthy noted the following:

  •     Invoices will be going out soon for 2018
  •     A phone script is in development
  •     Blog post is up online to remind people about membership
  •     Facebook hits are increasing
  •     January newsletter will include TI information
  •     Gavin noted Darling’s strong efforts

Old Business:

Annual Plan Progress
  •     McCarthy will inquire about other meeting space options.

There being no other business of the board to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Wolf at 1:31 . Motion passed.

Submitted by John McCarthy, Recording Secretary.

Membership Drive

Whether your library is a small town soprano, a basso in the burbs, or a metropolitan mezzo, LTA serves as your choir, singing the praises of public libraries to legislators and locals alike. With your membership, our choir can get louder, reaching from the vaulted halls of Albany to every corner of the State. We need your support to do even more and to provide more services in 2018 so we can connect trustees throughout the state with the resources they need.

Thank you to all of you who renewed in 2017! Your support made a huge difference. But we need everyone’s help.

Every new year is more important than the last for New York State Libraries, because now is the only time we can all do something to strengthen them. The 756 libraries and 23 systems in our state need your best efforts as trustees to succeed as one of the linchpins of our communities.

LTA is the only organization dedicated to supporting the work of library trustees. Through education, support materials, resources provided through our website, and opportunities to speak peer to peer, LTA enables your community to be better served..

Connecting:. . . .

LTA brings trustees together from all around the state to our events, from Suffolk to St. Lawrence, and Columbia to Chautauqua, where we discuss the concerns of the smallest association libraries to the largest municipals. We also connect with other organizations, legislators, and educational providers and try to do the same for you and your local libraries.


Unifies the voices of all NYS libraries into a powerful call to action to our state legislators Strengthens local advocacy efforts within your own communities


Highlights the work of exceptional trustees and friends of our libraries
Showcases systems and libraries around the state


provides new trustees with opportunities for free seminars
educates seasoned trustees with monthly emails updates and resources
supports resources like our regularly updated website and policy database

That is our mission: connecting through advocacy, recognition, and education, and part of how we C.A.R.E.

Although we had tremendous momentum this year, with you we can accomplish even more. Our goal is to reach 450 member libraries in 2018 which is less than 50 more libraries than were members in 2017.

Today we invite you to please consider joining your library in LTA. Considering the guidance needed in addressing library concerns, there may not be a more significant time for your participation to allow for the united effort of LTA.


Cassie Guthrie

Cassie Guthrie

The buzz at the NYLA Annual Conference was EveryDay Advocacy —how to use “conversations, connections, and empowered staff” to gain community support for your library.

LTA sponsored The Care and Feeding of Your Library Director with presenter Cassie Guthrie, Director of the Greece Public Library. Library Trustees and Directors optimize their efforts when they support each other with a clear understanding of delineated responsibilities and a focus on the library mission.

Tim Gavin (LTA Executive Director) Cassie Guthrie (Greece Public Library) Martha Anderson (LTA) Jean Currie (LTA) and Edris Scherer (LTA)

Tim Gavin (LTA Executive Director) Cassie Guthrie (Greece Public Library) Martha Anderson (LTA) Jean Currie (LTA) and Edris Scherer (LTA)

Recognizing the strong connection between Trustees and Friends of Libraries, LTA also co-sponsored workshops on valuable topics with NYLA’s Friends of the Libraries Section (FLS):
· Bringing Friends Back from the Brink
· Building Community when Disaster Strikes
· Friends Choose Their Own Leadership, and
· Best Practices for Management of Friend’s Boards

Paulette Roes (NCLS) Jean Currie (LTA) and Sarah Glogowski (FLLS)

Paulette Roes (NCLS) Jean Currie (LTA) and Sarah Glogowski (FLLS)

A first-time trustee attendee shared this take-away: “NYLA is a great chance for small libraries to get exposed to big libraries and for big libraries to get exposed to small libraries in terms of service population, budget, locality, and programming. What was confirmed at the conference was how wonderful librarians are— smart, committed, and fun!”

Let’s continue the conversation and networking . . . hope to see all of you at LTA”s 2018l Trustee Institute at Long Island (April 27 & 28, Uniondale Marriott).