Meeting Minutes Friday, March 10, 2017 to Saturday, March 11, 201


March 10, 2017 to March 11, 2017


Present:Adria Ripka, Martha Anderson, Jean Currie, George Wolf, John McCarthy, Edris Scherer, Mary Ellen Darling, Timothy Gavin (Executive Director).

Excused Absence: Bola Majekodunmi, Phil Archer, Susan Sabers Chapman

Guests Present: None

Call to Order:

President Ripka called the meeting to order at 7:45 pm Friday November 11, 2016

Public Comment:


Approval of Minutes:

Moved by Wolf, seconded by Anderson to approve the minutes of 16 January 2017. Motion Passed.

President’s Report:

Ripka reported the following:
Because of the fewer number we will be doing committee work together

Executive Director’s Report:

Need to get Brooklyn and Queens aware of LI events
Gavin will break up list of systems to be contacted
Binghamton is good target because of low membership and upcoming event
Advocacy day: Spirits were down because of lack of sense of efficacy
Minimum standards proposal tells us we need to be more proactive with library partners to briefed before items affecting our member trustees issues are released. Collaboration and communication always make a path towards a successful outcome more likely.

Action Item 1: Resolution on HATS

The Helping All Trustees Succeed curriculum has been endorsed by PULISDO and NYLA. The HATS team, especially given LTA’s long-time support would like LTA formally endorse it as well.

Anderson, Gavin, and Currie noted that strict endorsement within systems has been sporadic.

A motion was made to endorse the HATS training curriculum and promote its use across the state.

Currie moved and Wolf seconded. Motion carried.

The Board recessed at 8:57 pm until Saturday.
The Board reconvened at 9:01 a.m. on Saturday, 11 March 2017

Minimum Standards Changes

Gavin requests that the board review the changes in minimum standards. Asserted that increased standards may not be feasible given that many do not meet current standards. Also there is noted disheartenment that LTA was not put in the loop on the proposed changes prior to distribution.

Darling expressed concerns that stricter standards would make the job harder for libraries and trustees.

Old Business:

2017 Upcoming Meeting dates as follows:

April 22 – Phone conference 10:30 (new on schedule)
June 9-10 Planning Meeting
September 15-16 Albany
December 1-2 Albany

Binghamton 2017 TITK Currie reported the following

May 6 Broome County Public Library
Listed on our website
3 sessions 1h 15m each
Topics include Kinds of Reports and Red Flags boards should be looking for, Conflicts of Interest and Separation of Powers, Impact of New Labor Laws, Rethinking Spaces in Your Library to Increase Efficiency
Lunch provided by Old World Deli
Some systems will be offering scholarships
Currie asked if we should include recognition from the STAR program. Tim mentioned that the public recognition component was considered to be one of the most important parts.

Gavin suggested networking opportunities were considered valuable. Particularly successful ideas from Batavia’s TITK were discussed.
Concern was expressed about sufficient room size if attendance exceeds expectations.

Long Island TITK

August 12 Plainview-Old Bethpage library
Gavin contacted Jackie Thresher ED for Nassau system who is on board and enthusiastic

Joe Eisner will be presenting on due diligence
Anderson suggested that 3 presentations was a reasonable number, was concerned about the time of year causing low attendance
Gavin said next step is to get interested parties on conference call
Anderson said Audits and Efficient Use of space were good topic ideas
Gavin suggested Legal topics were good too
Scherer mentioned Security on the Internet as a potential subject, as well as open meetings law

Committee Reports:


McCarthy and Gavin noted the following:
Everyone will do their own and:
Jean will take care of 4 County
Susan: Chautauqua, Cattaraugus & Nioga
Edris: Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester
Martha, Suffolk
Adria, North Country
Mary Ellen, Clinton-Essex-Franklin
Invoices are in one file but can be extracted for individual libraries
Personal contact is very important


Darling reported
Puts forward something on Facebook at least once a week
Tim said we could pay to increase viewership for individual items
Edris suggested using the events functions for Facebook for regionals


Nothing to report, Committee needs to meet (virtually) with Treasurer

New Business:

Anderson suggested we discuss issues important to libraries
Tim wanted to know about sense of optimism
Currie said her experience is that her local libraries are seeing much greater usage

Scherer said that E-rate funding system changes may bring much more money to libraries, filtering requirements have changed to protect privacy
Currie said broadband access for rural libraries is of concern still
Evaluating Executive Directors is of concern

Gavin proposed that a concerted focus on efforts to get trustees to read handbook is important. The board gave consent.
Gavin pointed out that one of the new proposed standards requires all libraries to be members of good standing in the system in which they reside

There being no other business of the board to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Wolf and seconded by Scherer at 11:00 . Motion passed.

Submitted by John McCarthy

Meeting Minutes January 16, 2017

Directors Present:

Adria Ripka, Martha Anderson, George Wolf, John McCarthy, Phil Archer, Edris Scherer, Susan Chapman, Mary Ellen Darling,Timothy Gavin (Executive Director).

Call to Order:

President Ripka called the meeting to order at 10:04 am January 16, 2017

Approval of Minutes:

Moved by Wolf, seconded by Scherer to approve the minutes of November 2016. Motion Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Moved by Wolf, seconded by Archer to approve the Treasurer’s report. Motion Passed.
Gavin reported the following:
Revenue is $10K over expenditures; Fiscal restraint has paid off.
Membership is up dramatically, Buffalo/Erie is renewing for 3 years

President’s Report:

Ripka reported the following:

  • She is concerned about her availability for the next few months but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem
  • Committees will meet Friday nights after their initial reports to work.

Executive Director’s Report:

Gavin reported the following:

  • Administrative work is still a big time consumer, but the new graduate intern will help with this.
  • Online forms are coming for meetings and memberships.
  • Looking for presentation ideas for 2018 Institute in LI
  • Looking for website story ideas to send to Mary Ellen

Committee Reports:


Anderson noted the following:

  • Binhamton TITK progressing, Broome County Library May 6


March 1, 2017 is the next Legislative Action Day

  • $4 million increase from last year’s state budget for libraries may be stripped by Governor
  • NYLA is dealing with new leaders in legislature and may be harder to deal with.
  • All plans ready for LAD
  • Mary Ellen, Martha, Tim, and John plan on attending


  • Tim will be preparing list of contacts
  • Let Tim know who you’ve contacted


  • New Star program is listed in the newest newsletter
  • Mary Ellen is looking for feedback/testimonials re being an LTA member


  • Star program up and running
  • Maybe do some recognition at TITK event
  • Can turn logo into pin
  • Martha- We already have a bunch of pins. May not have enough response to justify new pin order at this time.
  • Next library board meeting try to get your trustees to fill in form
  • Tim- A record of trustee training will be helpful and appreciated. At some point in the future it mayl be required.

Old Business:

2017 Meeting dates as follows:

  •  March 10-11 Albany
  • May 13 – Phone Conference
  • June 9-10 Planning Meeting
  • September 15-16 Albany
  • December 1-2 Albany

Tim- Let me know if there are any conflicts with any meeting dates.

Binghamton 2017 TITK

  • Martha – Some after action report should be released after event.
  • Adria will reserve room block at hotel
  • Registration 10-11:15
  • Catering 11:30 – 12:15
  • 3 sessions after lunch until 4

Long Island TITK

  • Director has been contacted and is excited, Date not yet determined – getting input.


New Business:

Development of Ad Hoc committees:

  • We should bring in local people to help with events
  • May help us find new LTA Directors

Legislative Updates

  • Brand new session (2 year cycle)
  • All old, unpassed legislation expires
  • NYLA monitors all library legislation
  • Not much to do until session starts and they start bringing in new legislation

There being no other business of the board to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Wolf and seconded by Archer. Motion passed.

Submitted by John McCarthy

Library Trustees Association of New York Meeting Minutes

Friday, November 11 to Saturday November 12, 2016

Directors Present:Tish Fontanella, Adria Ripka, Martha Anderson, Jean Currie, George Wolf, John McCarthy, Phill Archer, Timothy Gavin (Executive Director).
Excused Lateness: Bola Majekodunmi
Guests Present: Terry Kirchner, Edris Scherer, Susan Chapman

Call to Order: President Fontanella called the meeting to order at 7:37pm Friday November 11, 2016

Public Comment: None

Approval of Minutes: Moved by Wolf, seconded by Ripka to approve the minutes of 22-23 September 2016. Motion Passed.

Introductions: Edris Scherer, Westchester LS, short description of her experience working with libraries. Professed an interest in event planning.

Terry Kirchner: Expressed thanks to LTA for efforts at institute and in PULISDO. Pointed out cultural shift due to new directors in his organization. There is more focus on trustee training than in the past, and there is a greater role for LTA in tighter times.

Responding to questions, Kirchner suggested certificates and press releases would be adequate recognition efforts, any opportunity for local businesses to participate would be helpful, auditing of libraries by the state has increased community involvement, and that PULISDO is creating a general framework for minimum standards that they plan to forward to the DLD.

Susan Chapman: recounted her library career, suggested that outside experts have an outsized impact in trustee training, and is interested in working in the area of Legislation.

Treasurer’s Report: Delayed until Saturday to allow for Treasurer to arrive.

President’s Report: Fontanella reported the following:

  • She will be stepping down in December from the board due to end of her term

  • The organization is growing well with many successes

  • Coordination with other organizations is going well


Committee Reports:

Nominating: McCarthy reported that the slate of officers for the coming year would be presented the next day.

Education: Anderson noted the following:

  • The Marriott in LI would be giving a proposal for TI lodging soon.

  • LI regional institute plans were being developed.

Gavin noted Joe Eisner was on board to speak, the Plainview library has space, YSS has offered assistance, local directors are interested, traffic is a concern, and dates needed to be decided soon.


Legislation: Anderson noted the following:

  • No feedback from the Legislative Council

  • There is an effort on getting aid at education levels, but also a desire to increase supplemental aid to libraries.

  • Key legislation will develop closer to session

  • March 1, 2017 is the next Legislative Action Day

  • Omara and Abenati will likely be greatest library supporters in Legislature


Membership: McCarthy and Gavin noted the following:

  • Membership drive letter and web article are finished

  • Script for personal contact forthcoming

  • 2017 membership renewals already coming in at record level

  • Kirchner volunteered to follow up with NYPL about system membership


Communications: Ripka noted the October newsletter went out in a timely fashion.

Gavin noted that all library directors in state get the newsletter, get notified to renew their LTA membership, and that the differences in tech skills among trustees can be an issue.

 Awards: Fontanella questioned if the LTA should postpone all awards until next TI. General agreement on that course. Anderson noted the revamped STAR program would reset points although we could grandfather anyone in

Anderson noted the LTA needed to decide on workshop for NYLA 2017. “Care and Feeding of Directors” was discussed as a potential topic. Cassie Guthrie was discussed as possible presenter. “Choose Your Own Adventure” is theme for the conference.

 Adjournment to Executive Session: Currie motioned, Ripka seconded (9:55) PassedLeave Executive Session: Currie motioned, Ripka seconded (9:58) Passed

The Board recessed until Saturday at 9:30
The Board reconvened at 9:05 on Saturday, 12 November, 2016

Guests: Carol Desch, DLD


Old Business: 2017 Meeting dates as follows:

  • January 14 – Phone Conference – 9-12 AM

  • March 10-11 Albany

  • May 13 – Phone Conference

  • June 9-10 Planning Meeting

  • September 15-16 Albany

  • December 1-2 Albany


Carol Desch

Desch noted the updated trustee handbook on the DLD website with new information on treasurer responsibilities, potential new federal library funding that the the DLD will be getting input on for planning, the DLD is seeking a $6 million increase in the infrastructure area of the state budget for libraries, and $2.5 million for a statewide e-book platform.

 Binghamton 2017 TITK

Curried noted that there is no date or topic decided on as yet. She will be meeting with Steve Bachmann the Executive Director of the 4 County Library District in December to discuss. The event will likely be in the Broome County Library.

Treasurer’s Report

Gavin noted that the Erie system is up for its 3 year renewal and that tight budget controls have led to probable positive revenue this year.

After reviewing the budget Anderson moved to accept the budget for 2017, Wolf seconded, Motion passed.

Wolf motioned to accept the P&L statement, Anderson seconded. Motion passed.


Long Island TITK

Plainview library has space and facilities and is interested in sponsoring. Majekodunmi, Anderson, and Scherer on the planning committee.


Star Recognition Program: After discussion, the following was decided:

The Gold and Platinum words were taken out for now, general agreement on getting pins, credits to be accumulated annually, a press release to home library needs to be developed. After modifications a page will be put in the newsletter.


Goals and Long Range Plan:

Fontanella led a discussion on the status of the goals in the spreadsheet listing those. Gavin was tasked with asking NYLA to create a trustee template for contacting Legislators.

New Business:

Motion by Wolf to accept the proposed slate of LTA officers, Archer seconded. Motion passed.

Currie motioned to elect Susan Chapman to a term as an LTA Director, Wolf seconded. Motion passed.

Archer motioned to elect Edris Scherer to a term as an LTA Director, Wolf seconded. Motion passed.

Ripka noted that Gavin should send out a new contact list for all directors.

There being no other business of the board to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Wolf and seconded by Ripka. Motion passed.

Submitted by John McCarthy

Board of Directors Board Meeting Notes 9-23/24 – 16

Library Trustees Association
Board of Directors Meeting, 23-24 September, 2016

Call to Order: President Fontanella called the meeting to order at 7:35pm Friday, 23 September, 2016.

Present: Tish Fontanella, Phil Archer, Jean Currie, Mary-Ellen Darling, John McCarthy, Adria Ripka, George Wolf. Timothy Gavin, Executive Director.
Absent:Martha Anderson, Bola Majekodunmi

Public Comment: None

Approval of Minutes: Moved by Wolf, seconded by Ripka to approve the minutes of 17-18 June, 2018. Motion passed.

Introductions: Edris Scherer, Westchester Library System provided a letter of introduction as a potential LTA Board Member. She could not be present in person but will attend the November meeting.


  • Is a recommendation of a potential board candidate by a system director or LTA director enough?
  • There is still the potential for 3 new board members in November.
  • Darling had developed an excellent Duties of an LTA Director.
  • New board members should get a packet of key documents as they begin their term.

Treasurer’s Report: In the absence of the Treasurer, the Board briefly reviewed the P & L and Balance Sheet. LTA is doing well compared to this time last year especially in members and dues. Personal contacts make a big difference.

President’s Report: Fontanella noted the following:

  • Thanks to all Board member for their accomplishments since June.
  • Darling has created a spreadsheet of goals that will be given to us later.
  • Anderson has provided a penultimate version of the STAR Trustee Recognition program.
  • All Directors should have a set of key documents (By Laws, Policies, Budget, etc.)

Executive Director’s Report:
Gavin reported the following:

  • We have reached and exceeded our 2016 membership goal.
  • Sponsors – Vendors need to know that major financial decisions are made by Boards.
  • Copy Gavin on all emails.
  • The Batavia regional institute was a great success with 80 participants. There is a question of how LTA would subsidize these events, and how we can recognized and reward LTA membership at these events.

Committee Reports:


  • Currie briefly reviewed a Preliminary Budget and noted that it is conservative and will be tidied up to delete unneeded lines and to add notes for 2017.
  • Is there funding for the new STAR program? Yes.
  • The web site line has a small amount included for new features and for unexpected costs. Currently the cost is $300/month for maintenance and updates.

Anderson had presented the following slate for officers for 2017:

President: Adria Ripka
Vice President: Martha Anderson
Secretary: John McCarthy
Treasurer: Bola Majekodunmi

Motion by Wolf and seconded by Archer to accept the slate as presented.
Motion passed.

Anderson had provided a report that included information on the LTA programs at NYLA. There is one major program by LTA and eight that are co-sponsored.
There are no hotels in Long Island for a 2017 Institute. We agreed to get a location on LI for 2018. See later discussion on regional institutes.

Anderson and Gavin provided an extensive report on NYLA’s legislative priorities for 2017. Key issues are:

  • Increase aid proportionally with increases in Education Funding ($102.8m, 4.3% increase).
  • Continue successful messages.
  • Increase investment in the state library.
  • 4 library related bills that expired and will require resubmission to the legislature.
  • No new legislative initiatives on trustee training except discussion on including training requirements continues.

McCarthy has a draft of an email to recruit new members in November. The goal for 2017 is to have at least 25 more members than in 2016.

Ripka noted there is a draft newsletter for October.

The STAR program is almost ready for a roll out. See later discussion.

The Board recessed until Saturday at 9:30pm.

The Board reconvened at 9:15am on Saturday, 24 September, 2016

Guests: None

Old Business:
Organizational Meeting: To be held 11-12 November and to include:

    • election of new directors to begin terms 1/1/17
    • review of the 2017 calendar

LTA Board Meetings Venue Discussion

  • Costs at the Hampton Inn are going up – should we consider another venue?
  • Perhaps stay one more year while we look for something else?
  • Should directors contribute to the meeting costs?
  • Carpooling is encouraged to reduce any requested travel expenses.
  • McCarthy and Wolf will form an ad hoc taskforce to scout a potential new venue and to report back in November.


Recruitment of New Directors

  • There will be a vote on Scherer in November.
  • We need more board members. There are feelers out to potential new members.

Speaker suggestions for LTA programs/webinars

  • Gavin wants suggestions for speakers for programs or webinars especially on Robert’s Rules/ running good meetings.

Trustee Institute planning

    • We agreed to a full Institute on Long Island in 2018. Gavin is working with an event planner to identify a venue for either April 27-28 or May 4-5.
    • A local LTA Board member is helpful but if they do not have planning skills, may not be best! However a local system director is essential for planning.
    • After some discussion we agreed to hold two mini institutes in 2017.

Motion by Wolf and seconded by Ripka to hold two regional meetings in 2017 and to not hold a two day Institute. The two regional meetings to be In Binghamton in May and Long Island in the summer.
Motion passed.

  • Ripka and Currie will contact 4CLS (Steve Bachman) to begin planning the Binghamton meeting: getting ideas for topics, venue, speakers, time of day, fees, etc.
  • We need a poster to be used in such meetings listing LTA benefits.

LTA Board Goals:
We reviewed the LTA Goals 2016-2017 document provided by Darling for goals completed and those to be added or revised. Currie will update the document and send it to all directors.

Fontanella noted there should be a policy on what can be added to the web site -this issue was raised by whether a useful and relevant document developed by a company could be added. We agreed that the web, FB or Twitter poster and/or Gavin could have the discretion or authority to make decisions on content. We agreed that the sponsors should have their links higher up on the web pages.

NYLA Booth:
The booth costs $500 and it is not clear how much value we get, since trustee attendance is low. We agreed to have a booth in 2016 and to review this issue again in 2017. We should make available sponsors’ materials, LTA materials, and the STAR materials.

Currie suggested we change our sponsorship program to have Business Members who would pay much less but we may get many more and thus just as much money – this based on the model of the Ford Memorial Library. The issue will be added to the Long Range Plan.

STAR Program:

  • Work with Systems to recognize award recipients.
  • We made a few changes to the program and document.
  • Eventually there will be a self-reporting system on the web but in the meantime, it will be paper based by Gavin.
  • Gavin will talk with Kirchner, PULISDO President, to get advice on promotion and recognition.
  • It will be rolled out on the web and NYLA Conference in November.
  • It will be part of the LTA benefits list on a poster.


  • McCarthy is working with DLD on additional statistical reporting for trustees from system annual reports, e.g. longitudinal, type of library, rural vs urban, circulation trends.
  • On 30 Sept. there will be a Symposium for Libraries sponsored by U. Albany Library School.
  • On 29-30 Sept. there will be HATS training in Albany.

Motion by Wolf and seconded by Currie to adjourn at 2:30pm. Motion passed.

Minutes by Jean Currie, Secretary pro tem

Action Items from meeting 23-24 September, 2016

  1. Develop a package of key documents for all Board members (budget, by laws, director list with terms, committee assignments, long range plan, duties of directors, Executive Director contract, goals, ???) = Gavin, Currie
  2. Review Goals document for assignments = All
  3. Revise preliminary budget = Currie, Gavin
  4. Ad hoc taskforce check out new venue for meetings = McCarthy, Wolf
  5. Continue recruiting new board members = All
  6. Suggest speakers for programs/webinars, especially Robert’s Rules/good meetings = All
  7. Identify a Long Island venue for a TI in 2018 = Gavin
  8. Work with 4CLS on a regional meeting = Ripka, Currie
  9. Work with Suffolk &/or Nassau on a regional meeting = Gavin/Eisner?
  10. Develop a poster with LTA benefits to be used at meetings, booth etc. = Gavin??
  11. Update Goals document = Currie
  12. Help look after the NYLA booth = Fontanella, Archer, Currie, Gavin
  13. Add suggestion about business members to the Long Range Plan = McCarthy?

Directors’ Meeting and Planning Session Minutes Friday, June 17-Saturday, June 18, 2016

Library Trustees Association of New York
Directors’ Meeting and Planning Session Minutes
Friday, June 17-Saturday, June 18, 2016

Directors Present: Bola Majekodunmi, Tish Fontanella, Adria Ripka, Mary-Ellen Darling, George Wolf, Martha Anderson, Jean Currie, John McCarthy, Phil Archer, Timothy Gavin (Executive Director).
Guest Present: None

General Discussions:

  • Meeting was called to order by the president at 7:35pm, June 17, 2016.
  • Approval of Minutes of May 2016: George made motion to approve May 2016 minutes with corrections. Adria seconded motion to approve. Motion carried.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Bola presented current Financial Statement and Balance Sheet for discussion entertaining questions and comments. Treasurer’s Report was accepted for filing. Members express desire to have Profit and Loss statement presented differently in such a way as to be more informative and easier to comprehend. Bola shall revise Profit and Loss statement with changes in column headings and send to Directors for review. It was reported that losses incurred at the 2016 Trustee Institute was approximately four hundred dollars ($400).
  • President’s Report: Tish thanked directors on work done on 2016 Trustee Institute. The president expressed how pleased she was in how much we have been able to accomplish as a group. President reminded members that election of officers shall take place at the November 2016 meeting in readiness for new terms starting in January, 2017.
  • Executive Director’s Report:Tim referred to his report in the board package with a few highlights. He reported that we are only 5 members shy of attaining our 2016 membership goal and that 21 of 23 library systems in the state are members. Tim advised directors to keep looking for ways to continually grow membership and increase reach-out efforts.Tim reminded Directors that “Duties of an LTA Director” handout and a summary of 2016 Trustee Institute are both included in the each Director’s meeting package.Action Item – Mary Ellen offered and the board agreed to wordsmith the “Duties of an LT Director” document.Executive Director reported that graduate student intern from Division of Library Development (DLD) was leaving and that DLD is looking to hire another intern with the same arrangement of the intern being available to support LTA efforts as requested by LTA. He suggested discussion of continued membership expansion as part of Long Range Plan.

    Tim informed Directors that George gave him a check of one hundred dollars ($100) to offset losses incurred at 2016 Trustee Institute.

  • Committee Reports: Since committee reports had been sent out to members days prior to the meeting for review by directors, the president asked if anyone has any questions and/or comments on the reports (instead of having each committee report presented at the meeting).
  • Finance:The committee was tasked to create a long range financial plan and develop a budget to be adopted at the November 2016 meeting.Action Item – Committee shall define finance reporting structure and work with executive Director to implement.
  • Nominating: Martha inquired about expectations of the committee with regards to nominating officers to which Tish reiterated that the committee is expected to present a slate of officers at the November meeting. Selection of officers for nomination may be done in consultation with the Executive Committee and Executive Director. Decision was made to remove “Recognition” from Mary Ellen’s title as a member of Nominating Committee.
  • Education:Jean recapped events of 2016 Trustee Institute and thanked everyone for their participation. She stated her belief that the 2016 Trustee Institute was successful and turned out better than anticipated. Board to commence active 2017 Trustee Institute planning by reaching out to libraries on Long Island regarding programs and speakers.Mary Ellen gave an update on planning of a Regional Institute. Martha inquired as to whether a title has be selected for the Regional Institute to which Mary Ellen responded that a title has not been finalized.Action Item – Mary Ellen and Tim plan on meeting with libraries included in the focus area for Regional Institute on Tuesday (June 21, 2016) to continue with planning.Phil expressed a preference for not having the Regional Institute in the last two weeks of August as he will not be available to participate. Mary Ellen inquire about having more than one Regional Institute in a given year. Marth was of the opinion that LTA cannot accommodate more than one Regional Institute a year. It was suggested that it might be time to re-visit the idea of having more regional Institutes a year and no annual Trustee Institute.
  • Legislation: Directors agreed that LTA needs to look into developing a method to educate trustees on contacting legislators and advocating. LTA to seek out libraries that currently working well with legislators and sharing the practice with other libraries.
  • Action Item – The committee was tasked with seeking out and highlighting legislative efforts of a library system or library in the fall issue of LTA Newsletter.
  • Membership: Directors agreed to change committee name to “Membership and Sponsorship Committee” with an additional task to “Develop plans to recruit sponsors”.
  • Action Item – The committee was tasked to develop telephone script and share with LTA Directors to help in recruiting more members.
  • Action Item - Jean offered and the board agreed to solicit for the name of a trustee from Plattsburg Public Library that might be interested in sitting on LTA board.
  • Action Item - Tish offered and the board agreed to solicit for names of trustees from Suffolk and Nassau Library Systems that might be interested in sitting on LTA board.
  • Action Item - Adria offered and the board agreed to solicit for the name of a trustee from Mid-York Library System Director that might be interested in sitting on LTA board.
  • Action Item - Tim offered and the board agreed to solicit for the name of trustees from Four County and SALS that might be interested in sitting on LTA board.
  • Action Item –Mary Ellen offered and the board agreed to solicit for the name of a trustee from Nioga that might be interested in sitting on LTA board.All the LTA Director solicitation calls mentioned above are expected to be made in the next one month.
  • Communications: Adria informed Directors that work on next Newsletter shall be completed this week and go out to Kelly the following week. Adria requested a summary of 2016 Trustee Institute highlights from Jean to be included in LTA Newsletter.
  • Awards:
    The Board agreed to revise committee’s name to Recognition and Awards Committee with Jean Currie as Committee Chair and Mary Ellen Darling as Recognition Program Chair. A task was revised to “Select Distinguished Service Award recipient” and a new task “Coordinate Trustee Recognition Program” was added to committee activities.
    Tim informed the board that we received Thank You letters from some 2016 Trustee Institute Awardees.
  • Old Business:
    • September 23-24, 2016 and November 11-12 2016 were reconfirmed as two remaining meeting dates for 2016.
    • Board agreed to rename LTA Certified Trustees Program as “Successful Trustees Achieve Recognition (STAR)”. The board accepted changes recommended on the recognition program.Action Item – The Recognition and Awards Committee was tasked at looking for a way of contacting directors of potential recognition awardees after a certain level has been reached (credits attained).
  • New Business:
    • Conflict of Interest policy drafted by the By-laws committee was reviewed. George made motion to accept the Conflict of Interest Policy with corrections. Adria seconded the motion. Motion carried.
    • Action Item – The board will work on the meeting agenda to incorporate a mechanism of finding out how the board and Executive Director are fairing against set goals.
    • The board developed an “Annual Objectives for Committees” document.
    • Executive Session: 9:01pm – Motion to go into executive session was made by Jean and seconded by Adria. Motion carried.

9:47pm – Motion to come out of Executive session was made by Jean and seconded by Adria. Motion carried.

Motion to renew Tim’s contract as an independent contract with additional two thousand dollars in contract fees {bringing total contract fees to twenty-seven thousand dollars ($27,000)} was made by John and seconded by George. Motion carried. The new contract shall cover the period September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017).

Action Item – Jean and George offered and the board accepted to review and propose revisions to structure and format of Executive Directors contract.

There being no other business of the board to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Phil at 2:55pm, June 18, 2016 and seconded by Jean. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted:
Bola Majekodunmi.

LTA Board approves May meeting minutes.

Library Trustees Association of New York
Meeting Minutes
Friday, May 6, 2016

Directors Present: Bola Majekodunmi, Tish Fontanella, Adria Ripka, Mary-Ellen Darling, George Wolf, Martha Anderson, Jean Currie, Timothy Gavin (Executive Director).

Excused Lateness: John McCarthy
Excused Absence: Phil Archer
Guest Present: Sue Johnson

  • Meeting was called to order by the president at 1pm.
  • The president asked for a volunteer to take the meeting minutes. Bola volunteered to record the minutes
  • Approval of Minutes of March 4, 2016: Motioned made by George to approve with corrections was seconded by Adria. Motioned carried.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Bola presented current Financial Statement and Balance Sheet for discussion entertaining questions and comments. Treasurer’s Report was accepted for filing.
  • President’s Report: Tish thanked directors on work done on 2016 Trustee Institute. Presented Kim’s resignation to the board. Kim Garrett’s resignation was accepted for filing. The president informed the Executive Director (Tim) that Google Docs needed to be updated with regards to contact information for directors, director’s positions and terms on the board. Tish handed out evaluation forms for the Executive Director with a reminder that Tim’s current contract runs from August through September 2016 and a timeline of June 10, 2016 to return completed evaluation forms for review. The president shall announce during the 2016 Trustee Institute that the organization is looking to fill some open director positions on the board. The president appointed Bola to act as secretary for the rest of Kim’s term.
  • Executive Director’s Report: Tim asked directors to consider evaluating him twice a year instead of the current frequency of annually. Tim reported that membership has grown significantly from about 200 a short few years ago to over 375 and 21 of 23 library systems in the state are members. Tim advised directors to keep looking for ways to continually grow membership and increase reach-out efforts. 
  • Committee Reports: Since committee reports had been sent out to members days prior to the meeting for review by directors, the president asked if anyone has any questions and/or comments on the reports (instead of having each committee report presented at the meeting).

Matha volunteered to chair the Nomination committeeIt was agreed that Mary Ellen will chair the Recognition initiative.

Education: It was reported that Senator Hugh Farley shall not be seeking re-election and that the state senate is expected to have a significant turnover this year. 

LTA will be sending welcome letters to new state senators.

  • Old Business: After a brief discussion, the board decided to keep having its meetings at Hampton Inn in Albany and asked Tim to sign a new contract with the hotel. Following a discussion on finalizing location for the 2017 Trustee Institute, motion made by George to hold it in Nassau County, Long Island, was seconded by Adria. Motion carried. Board will continue to work on reviewing the Certified Trustee Program at its June workshop.
  • New Business: Mary Ellen and Tim reported on efforts on a Regional Institute. Current focus in on Nioga, Monroe, and Erie counties. They intend to have a discussion with the systems this summer. A suggestion was put forth to hold such Regional Institute at Richmond Library,

There being no other business of the board to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by George and seconded by Bola.

Submitted by: Bola Majekodunmi.

Library Trustees Association of New York March Meeting Minutes

Library Trustees Association of New York
Quarterly Meeting Minutes
Friday, March 4, 2016

Present: Tish Fontanella, Adria Ripka, John McCarthy, Mary Ellen Darling, Bola Majekodunmi, George Wolf, Martha Anderson, Timothy Gavin

Excused: Jean Currie, Phil Archer, Kim Garrett

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by President Tish Fontanella.
  2. Motion was made by George Wolf to approve minutes from January 2016. Second by Bola Majekodunmi. Motion carried.
  3. Guest: Timothy Burke, Executive Director of Upper Hudson Library System, was introduced. He shared his perspective on library services for present and future facilities; his perspective on working with LTA and other library organizations; and answered questions from board.
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Bola reviewed most current financial statements and answered questions regarding costs as they relate to the 2016 Institute. Motion to accept – Bola . Seconded – John.
  5. President’s Report: Tish thanked members for the work done on their committees – Martha, Jean, John, Adria, Kim, Mary Ellen. Tish gave testimony to the Westchester Assembly delegation in February who were looking for input for the Governor’s budget preparations. Told legislators of LTA’s work with NYLA, input for iLead (HATS) curriculum. LTA Executive Director will have an office at NYLA facility until end of April to facilitate collaboration between the groups. LTA’s method of getting new LTA board members either by a trustee volunteering or by a System recommending an individual seems to work well. Terry Kirchner, Exec. Director, Westchester Library System concurred with that practice. Tish also noted that LTA’s Certified Trustee program is not mentioned as a part of any committee. Should it be part of Nominating Committee. Discussion will be part of the June annual planning session.
  6. Executive Director’s Report: in summary, co-locating at NYLA has been a successful venture, especially during the first quarter of the year when much planning is taking place for Advocacy Day and other legislative efforts. Memberships continue to come in, although we are down in numbers from our goal of 400 members. Planning for the annual institute is going well. Executive Directors of the sponsoring systems have been very supportive. See full report.
  7. Committee Reports:
    1. Finance:covered in the Treasurer’s report.
    2. Nominating: a new recognition program is being considered to provide a way to share successes throughout the year. Perhaps a plaque at the winner's library, perhaps a certificate.
    3. Education: Martha will do raffle baskets again at TI, Authors night at TI should be a panel
    4. Legislation: Martha reported that the March event was not as well attended as prior with presentation and then questions from attendees. years, but energy was high and meetings with legislators or their staff members were highly effective. Tish added that Assemblyman Thomas Abinati’s speech was electrifying and a link will be place on the LTA website. Libraries have strong supporters in both houses.
    5.  Membership: John requested each board member call 5 libraries for renewal or to encourage joining. So far we are ahead of last year at this time
    6. Communications: Adria reported that the tri fold for the Institute is almost completed and will be mailed shortly. Mailings will go to library boards in the co-sponsoring and hosting systems. Concurrently, the Spring issue of the Trustee newsletter has been finalized. That should be in members hands by the beginning of April. Both documents contain full details about the 2016 Institute.
    7. Awards: committee members shared the nominations for Outstanding Trustee and encourage joining. So far we are ahead of last year at this time and will be mailed shortly. Mailings will go to library boards in the co-sponsoring and hosting systems. Concurrently, the Spring issue of the Trustee newsletter has been finalized. That should be in members hands by the beginning of April. Both documents contain full details about the 2016 Institute. Outstanding Friend. The nominations for the Velma K Moore award were presented. Motion was made on each award and seconded. Based on the committee’s recommendations, the 2016 awardees are: Sam Patton for Velma K. Moore; George Brendler for Outstanding Trustee; and Ann Choate for Outstanding Friend. No Distinguished Service Award will be presented for 2016.
  8. The regualr meeting recessed at 10:00 pm

Saturday, March 5, 2016

  1. The meeting was reconvened at 9:00 am by President, Tish Fontanella
  2. Guests: Carol Desch, Coordinator of Statewide Library Services and Director of the Division of Library Development gave an update on activities at the State level. Summer reading, literacy initiatives, the iLead initiative as well as legislation updates were part of her presentation. Carol will be attending the 2016 Institute.
  3. Old Business
    1. The 2016 Trustee Institute will be held on May 6 and 7 at City Hall in Plattsburgh, NY. John will try to get someone to video Workshop 3 at the Institute for future broadcast or inclusion on the LTA website
    2.  Future meeting dates for the LTA board are June 17 & 18 for the annual Summer planning session; September. 23 and 24, and November 11 and 12 for the regular quarterly business meetings.
    3. John McCarthy distributed a draft of the Long Range Plan. Members read through the draft and suggested some minor edits. The plan will be available at the May meeting.
  4.  A conference call for April 6 at 7PM to review Institute status was planned. Adria will email members absent today – Phil, Kim, Jean.
  5. Motion was made by George to adjourn. The business meeting was adjourned at Noon.

Saturday 12pm – 3pm: This session was voluntary.

Tech training led by Adria Ripka and Mary Ellen Darling. Focus was on Google Drive and Facebook.

Submitted by: Adria Ripka
Revised by: Bola Majekodunmi

Minutes from January Conference Call Meeting

Library Trustees Association

Board of Directors

Conference Call, 9 January, 2016


Present:  Tish Fontanella, Martha Anderson, Jean Currie, Mary Ellen Darling, John McCarthy, Bola Majekodunmi, Adria Ripka, George Wolf, Tim Gavin

Excused:   Phil Archer, Kim Garrett

Call to Order:  President Fontanella called the meeting to order at 4:04pm.

Approval of Minutes:  Motion by Wolf, 2nd by Ripka to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  A P & L was presented, but Gavin noted that it has not yet been reconciled.  The Association continues to do well with memberships and will end up in the black.   2015 expenses were lower than projected and the Institute was financially successful.  Wolf suggested that the Professional Fees line be broken out to show sub categories for the accountant, the Executive Director, and Web Maintenance.  This will be done in future.

President’s Report:  Fontanella noted with thanks all the hard work done by all members of the Board of Directors.

Executive Director’s Report: 

  • There will be a conference call for Institute planners on 14 January at 6pm.
  • There will be a conference call of the Finance Committee with the date to be determined.
  • Gavin will provide information for the Board to use when making membership renewal prompts later in the month.
  • Currie will get updates on each Director’s activities and timelines at the March meeting.
  • Anderson is asking various experts for help with surveys to be used for feedback on the LTA Long Range Plan as well as for the upcoming Institute.
  • The Board will suggest names of people who could be invited to Board meetings (remotely or in person), to provide updates on current library/trustee issues.  The PULISDO Chair will be invited for March.
  • Board members are reminded to share copies of all current policies from their own libraries/systems with Gavin for inclusion in LTA’s Library Policy Database.  Sharing of Long Range Plans is also encouraged.
  • Ripka and Darling will provide some tech talk for the rest of the Board to help improve our outreach and internal communication, e.g Google Drive and Asana.  McCarthy is also willing to assist with Asana.
  • Personal messages and expressions of appreciation (notes, phone calls etc.) are important and meaningful to members.

Committee Reports: 

  • Nominating:  New chair Garrett will also develop a program to recognize trustees around the state for something above and beyond their regular work.  Darling will serve on the committee and assist with development of recognition program.
  • Education: Anderson noted the LTA’s proposal for a program at the 2016 NYLA Conference on identifying the trustee skills needed to be visionary.  After brief discussion of other topics, the Board agreed to the proposal with the title Can You learn to be a Visionary?
  • Legislation: Anderson noted that the NYLA Legislative Committee will meet 26 January after the Governor’s Budget is presented.  The Board agreed that LTA would cover the costs of Gavin attending the New Yorkers’ for Better Libraries PAC event on 1 March.
  • Communications:  Darling will help Ripka with social media posts.
  • Regional Institute:  At the March meeting LTA will consider when and where to hold a regional institute on STEAM. Possible presenters could come from Phelps. 

Old Business:

  • By Laws:  Motion by Wolf, 2nd by Ripka to approve the revised draft By Laws.  Motion approved.  Currie will send a clean copy of the By Laws.
  • Conflict of Interest Policy:  Comments should be sent to Currie or Wolf.  A revised version will be voted on in March.
  • Long Range Plan:  McCarthy reported his uncertainty about the level of specificity required and asked the Board to send examples of our own long range plans with comments about how they work in practice.  Another issue is LTA trustee longevity and succession – how do we recruit new board members?  There will be more discussion in March and perhaps PULISDO could help.  There will be a draft of the plan by March.
  • 2016 Trustee Institute:
    • There will be a conference call of planners on 14 January.
    • The ASANA project management site is up and running.
    • Currie is working on the selection of a keynote speaker.
    • Currie and McCarthy will visit Plattsburgh on 25 January to meet with the Events Planner and Plattsburgh Public Library and CEFLS staff.
    • Likely Programs: Ripka will follow-up about the topic of making the most of tourism for library funding.  Libby Post will talk about local advocacy for funding.  Terry Kirchner will talk about evaluating library directors and trustees based on plans and goals.  Possible Program: making the most of existing resources by being creative and innovative.  ASANA will be used for other ideas.
    • Will continue to seek out opinions and contacts from host systems.
    • Some details need to be developed soon (programs, registration fees etc.) for early publicity in February/March.
    • The Friday night author event also needs to be pinned down.  McCarthy will work on that.
  • Important Dates: March 2 – Advocacy Day; LTA Board Meeting March 4-5, 2016 (Hampton Inn); May 6, 2016 LTA Institute at Plattsburgh (City Hall); LTA Board Meeting June 17-18, 2016 (Hampton Inn) 

New Business:

  • Trustee Recognition:  There was some discussion of how this would work, should there be criteria, how would people be recognized, and how to get “nominations”.  The program needs a catchy title.  There will be more discussion.

The meeting adjourned at 6:05pm

Minutes by Jean Currie, Secretary pro tem


LTA Board of Directors Meeting March Minutes

LTA Board of Directors Meeting
March 13-14, 2015
Hampton Inn, Albany, NY

Friday, March 13, 2015 (7:30-10pm)



Present: Martha Anderson, Tish Fontanella, Bola Majekdunmi, Adria Ripka, John McCarthy, Kim Garrett, George Wolf, Jesse Feiler, Jean Currie

Excused: Bob Presutti, John Eberhardt, Phil Archer

   I.        Call to Order
             Tish Fontanella called the meeting to order at 7:27 pm.

   II.        Public Comment
              No public comment at this time.

   III.        Approval of Minutes
                Adria moved to approve the minutes from the January 2015 meeting as
amended, and George seconded.  The minutes were approved unanimously.              

   IV.        Introductions
               None at this time.

    V.        Treasurer’s Report
                 Profit and Loss statements were reviewed.  A motion to accept the report for
filing was made by George and seconded by Bola.  The motion carried


    VI.        Committees


  • Finance
    Bola reported that March would have higher expenses than normal, and that memberships were coming in steadily, but that everyone would need to continue to focus on memberships and sponsorships.  It was suggested that investment policies and investments in long term funds were reviewed at a later date.  Clarification regarding charitable contributions and donations would be sought.


  • Education
    Adria Ripka reviewed the Trustee Institute plans for Syracuse.  It was announced that online registration was available and the flyer for registration, which was also distributed at Advocacy Day, was distributed for review.  Jesse encouraged the use of a hashtag.  The cooperation among the four hosting system was praised, and sponsorships were being sought.  The next steps would be to continue to promote the Institute, finalize any outstanding details at the hotel and encourage attendance on a peer-to-peer level.  Basket for the raffle would be brought by LTA Directors to the Institute or sent ahead of time to Adria.  The 2015 NYLA Conference program would be present by Lauren Moore and Ron Kirsop of Pioneer, based on their program for simplified long range planning.


  • Reports on Advocacy Day and a 2015 NYLA Presentation would be moved to Saturday.


     The Friday portion of the meeting was called into recess at 9:58 pm by Adria and
seconded by Bola.


Saturday, March 14, 2015


    IX.        Call to Order
                 Tish Fontanella called the meeting to order at 9:05 am.


     X.        Guests
                 Carol Desch reported on ongoing activities at DLD, and SED activities
including: the new Board of Regents, the new duty that Bernie Margolis’ would
be taking on as the Director of the Research Library, iLead (and partnerships
with LTA and NYLA), the Ready to Read program which stems in part from the
20/20 vision.  Carol agreed to provide a URL for Ready to Read and other
pertinent programs, and asked for LTA’s help to get trustees aware and
involved.   Carol reviewed how the information obtained in Annual Reports was
used, and answered any general questions asked by the LTA Board of



     VIII.        Committees (continued)


  • Legislation
    Martha Anderson provided a recap of Advocacy Day.  Attendance seemed to be stronger than usual.  LTA’s table provided a chance to recognize trustees who came for the event, and provided an opportunity for in depth discussion with trustees and library directors, and even some legislators.  Tish reported that a video of one or more of the speeches would be posted on the website.  A big focus of Advocacy Day was that libraries should be considered and treated like educational Institutions, especially where funding was concerned.

Tim relayed the upcoming addition of a Library Legislation Portal to be added to LTA’s website.


  • Membership
    John McCarthy stressed the importance of peer-to-peer engagement with boards who have yet to renew for 2015.  There was discussion about how to appeal to more members.  March onward was the time for LTA Board engagement with members, and LTA is on track to surpass 2014’s membership numbers.


  • Nominating
    John McCarthy confirmed the slate of officers that would be presented at the annual meeting in May.  It was discussed that as LTA moved forward, and adopted other policies, that it would be helpful to have nominating policies and procedures reviewed.


  • Communications
    Adria and Tish encouraged submissions for material.  Adria mentioned that the fall newsletter would be ready for printing shortly.  Tish remarked that the cooperation from systems to submit material for the website had been outstanding, and reminded all LTA Directors to submit an article if they had a special event or program in their local library or system.  Timeliness and communication of having web services and updates completed and delivered by LTA’s provider remained a challenge.


  • Awards
    The awards committee (Jean, John and Jesse) presented the top candidates for the Board to review.  An Outstanding Trustee, an Outstanding Friend, and a Velma K. Moore Winner was selected.


   XI.        Old Business

  • Meeting DatesDates were confirmed for the remainder of the year, and through 2015:June 26-27, 2015 (Hampton Inn), September 11-12, 2015 (Hamtpon Inn),November 13-14, 2015 (Hampton Inn).  It was suggested that a short conference call to recap Institute plans should be scheduled in April.
  • Sponsorship
    tiers were clarified and reviewed.



   XI.        New Business

  • Certified Trustee Program
    A revision of the program would be considered and worked on after the Institute.  This would potentially be part of LTA’s long range plan.
  • Tag Line
    Tish and Adria proposed that a new tag line to replace the “formerly known as NYSALB” one be adopted.  Based on LTA’s mission statement, the tag line was modified to: “Connecting Trustees through advocacy, recognition and education.”

     Tish moved to adjourn the meeting at 2:21 pm and George seconded.

Respectfully submitted by Timothy Gavin, LTA Association Manager