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Linda Maria FrankLinda Maria Frank

Linda is a former teacher and author of The Annie Tillery Mysteries, a series of four books geared for younger readers. Presented as “Nancy Drew meets CSI”, Linda has been to numerous schools and libraries around Long Island not only to talk about her books but to conduct presentations on topics in forensic science. She also serves as the Event Chairperson for Long Island Authors Group.

She is the author of:
the Annie Tillery Mysteries
Produces ‘The Writer’s Dream’, her local access TV show (also seen on YouTube). Linda is active in Ll Sisters in Crime, Ll Children’s Writers and lllustrators, and
Mystery Writers of America.

“DNA TECHNOLOGY” illustrates the technology’s use by criminologists.
“DNAAND FAMOUS MURDER CASES”outlines the use/misuses of DNA in high profile trials.
“THE LINDBERG KIDNAPPING” traces the evidence used in the eponymous case.
“SOLVING ANCIENT MYSTERIES” shows how forensics can solve mysteries of the past.
“PLANTS, POISONS AND PLOTS” discusses plant toxins and their use by mystery writers.
“ART, NOTART” explains how artwork is authenticated.
“THOSE CSI SHOWS, FACT OR FICTION?” critiques crime investigation on TV.

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Dr. John KrahnDr. John Krahn

has nearly fifty years experience as a clergyman and has served as pastor of the largest Lutheran church in New York. He has published numerous books and is an accomplished speaker. His main themes concern attaining happiness at Life’s various stages and mechanisms to deal with Life’s challenges. He also serves as the Member Coordinator for Long Island Authors Group.

As a great storyteller, John uses humor and personal experiences to convene his important message, speaking to both head and heart. Those who attend his presentations not only find them enjoyable but in many cases life changing.

Currently John offers his most popular presentation, ”LlVlNG A HAPPIER LIFE AT EVERY AGE”. John looks at both what erodes happiness as well as ways to increase
happiness. Sharing ways to tackle worry, hurts, and Life’s challenges, along with looking at ways to make a positive difference with one’s life, are just a few of the subjects of
this interesting presentation.

Roland AllnachRoland Allnach

Roland is a multi-award winning author of six books in various genres and numerous published short stories. He has appeared on national and local television, radio, and
has presented at art venues and libraries. He also currently serves as President of LIAG and Event Coordinator.


Roland’s presentations are for those interested in publication or who have recently secured publication. Content is based on pragmatic approaches. Available
“PUBLISH YOUR BOOK” (series of two presentations)

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