NYLA’s Library Advocacy Day WEDNESDAY, February 27, 2019

Each year library advocates from across New York State converge on Albany to voice their support for funding and policies that benefit libraries. Together our efforts have resulted in over $17M in additional library aid since 2011. Summary of Event Most activities will take place in the Legislative Office Building (LOB). The LOB is most [...]

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New Minimum Standards for Public and Association Libraries – Part 2

Building on an article published in the last issue of Trustee, Part 2 provides additional information for library boards about the updated minimum standards for public and association libraries. All public and association libraries in New York State are required to comply with the updated standards by January 1, 2021. While minimum Standards 1-5 as [...]

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What’s New on LibraryTrustees.org?

The core mission of your LTA revolves around education, recognition, and advocacy. To that purpose, we have been updating and upgrading our website in a couple of key ways. The roll-out of these changes is happening now, and we’d love to get your feedback about what we are doing right or wrong or what new [...]

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