Do You Have a Library Question Which Requires an Answer?

Joe Eisner Headshot

As part of LTA’s expansion of service to aid and assist library trustees and directors, LTA now offers members an opportunity to confer with Joe Eisner.

Joe is a retired public library director, and current chair of the Plainview-Old Bethpage Public Library Board. He is the compiler of the Handbook of Library Laws and Regulations in New York State (currently being revised).   His expertise includes knowledge gained from 42 years experience as a public library administrator in New York State.

Joe is not an attorney, but he can help you, your board or director with advice or referrals on how to deal with what may be unfamiliar or new situations, or long-standing chronic ones, involving but not limited to such matters as: use of library facilities by outside groups, relations with municipal funding officials, personnel matters, or he can help by providing an opportunity for you to discuss a library problem with an unbiased outside source.

Who Can Use this Service?

Any LTA member — trustees, directors, librarians, and Friends (if your library is a member, you are a member!) — is welcome to contact Joe with a library question.

How to Use this Service:

Joe can be contacted toll-free at 1 (866) 720-8969 ext. 101,
by email at or
by fax at 1 (516) 942-7042.

This service is offered free of charge.

LTA thanks Joe for his partnership in providing this extremely valuable service and resource.

Please note:

Joe’s advice and information should not be construed as legal advice, for which the services of a competent attorney should be secured, Neither Joe nor LTA shall be held liable for any action taken as a result of the information Joe provides.