This latest revision of the Handbook for Library Trustees of New York State is a continuation of a decades long effort to provide library trustees with a readable and concise reference to assist them in the performance of their duties. In this edition we have strengthened those areas of the Handbook that generated the most interest these past five years.

The assistance of the following groups and individuals in the development of this Handbook is gratefully acknowledged: the Directors and staff of the Public Library Systems of New York, especially Elise Burke and Director Terry Kirchner of the Westchester Library System; Valerie Lewis, Roger Reyes and Director Kevin Verbesey of the Suffolk Cooperative System; Tim Gavin and the Board of Directors of the Library Trustees Association of New York State; Bernard A. Margolis, State Librarian and Carol Desch, Director of the Division of Library Development, Amy Heebner, Mary Beth Farr, Lynne Webb and Andrew Mace of their staff. Special thanks to members of the ILEAD USA Helping All Trustees Succeed Team (HATS): Lisa Erickson, Jennifer Ferris, Ron Kirsop, Grace Riario and Amanda Travis.

The long-term efforts of Joshua Cohen, former executive director of the Mid-Hudson Library System (retired) and Merribeth Advocate, Assistant Director of MHLS are also acknowledged. Their dedication to the continuous improvement of trustee education in New York has helped to change the face of today’s libraries.

Their support, encouragement, helpful suggestions, critical and inquiring minds have all helped
to shape, mold, and improve this Handbook.

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