Why do trustees attend the NYLA Conference?

  • To get answers – NYLA workshops address the current issues facing local trustees
  • To glimpse the future – NYLA is a showcase of programs, products, and possibilities
  • To network with library leaders – NYLA engages you as library advocate with professional colleagues

The 2014 NYLA Conference on November 5-8 in Saratoga Springs explored the theme Open Libraries/Open Minds. NYLA is the professional organization of the library community.

LTA sponsored Advanced Trustee Training: (Beyond Your Average Boot Camp). Presenters Dick Strauss and Joe Eisner walked some 40 participants through the maze of financial, legal, and professional personnel responsibilities facing every library board. They answered audience questions concerning new policy requirements, best procedures for audit preparation, and annual performance reviews of library directors. Review of library policies to ensure they meet current criteria and are legally defendable was a priority topic in a variety of conference workshops.

LTA co-sponsored sessions with the newest NYLA section, Friends of Libraries, covering annual fundraising appeals, library foundations and endowments, and legal concerns facing Friends groups.

One of the best take-aways from the conference is the opportunity to hear many library visionaries and authors from all genres. Keynote speaker Rich Harwood encouraged professionals and trustees to reorient libraries from looking inward to turning outward to take on the shared aspirations of the community as their defining story. Best of all for readers, there are books and more books, electronic and print, and authors who share their journeys.

Library Trustees should plan ahead to October 2015. NYLA will celebrate its 125th anniversary in historic Lake Placid, home of Thomas Dewey and the US Winter Olympics. The word from NYLA Executive Director Jeremy Johannesen is that it will be “the best conference ever.”


Martha Anderson, LTA Education Chair, Joe Eisner, Presenter and Tim Gavin, LTA Executive Director
Advanced Trustee Training Session
Dick Strauss & Joe Eisner