You may have noticed that your Library Trustees Association has gone through a few changes in 2018. Despite a rousingly successful Trustee Institute and consistent growth in membership in the last few years, every organization like the LTA goes through a bout of growing pains at some point. We are determined to come out even more valuable to you and your library on the other end of this process.

2019 will see the arrival of more resources on our brand new website, including videos, webcasts, and an unofficial Trustee Boot Camp inspired by efforts from the State and other interested parties. It will also see the return of the Policy Database, something applauded and requested not just by members of LTA and not just by New York State residents.

2019 will also see the advent of a question the LTA board will be putting to you, the members. Should the LTA enter into some form of partnership with the New York Library Association? We have several options on the table, which we will discuss with you and get your feedback on, but none of those options interfere with the mission of your LTA. Trustees helping trustees. Trustees teaching, recognizing, advocating for, and caring about the special nature of our role in the library community.

Our mission won’t change, but gaining the economies of scale that NYLA is able to offer has become something to consider. Our independence won’t diminish but our voice may be amplified closer to the level of our passion for our libraries.

In the next few months, we will be seeking your feedback on multiple options for partnering more formally with NYLA, including an option where there is no partnership. Ultimately, this is your choice, and it is our responsibility to help you make it an informed one.

In the meantime, we will be making sure that your LTA is worth everything you put into it and more.