LTA, New York State’s only chartered organization for public library trustees, is your organization – and we need you to be an active part of it. We need your input, we need your representation on LTA’s board, we need your ideas, and we need your experience.

We also need your continued membership support so we can continue to grow and expand our services. We want to provide you with the best possible resources.

LTA, formerly NYSALB, formerly Library Trustees Foundation of NYS, was chartered by the New York State Board of Regents in 1949 and has been proudly Educating, Representing, and Advocating for NYS public library and system trustees for 64 years.

LTA’s name has evolved over the years, as have its services — and when it comes to our mission of “Educating, Representing, and Advocating (ERA)” we continue to evolve and are stronger than ever.

In an effort to remain inclusive in these challenging economic times, LTA continues to keep its membership fees low. Yearly dues not only provide your library or system board with membership privileges, but everyone on your staff. This includes directors, Friends organizations and their boards, and librarians. While we are a trustee association, we know that we can only achieve our goals by reaching out, collaborating, and making sure that everyone in the public library community is on the same page and working together.

In the last year we have dramatically improved our technical infrastructure and we are poised to deliver more online interactive educational materials, more webinars, more electronic and printable resources, and member only content. We have also continued to expand coverage of topics in our newsletter and website, and we are continually seeking innovative ways to support the needs of our members.

Here is a reminder of what your membership fees support:

Educating . . .

  • Newsletter
    • Published quarterly – mailed to each member trustee and director
  • Trustee Institute
    • A two day program dedicate to trustee education and networking
    • This year to be hosted by the Westchester, Ramapo-Catskill and Mid-Hudson library systems
    • Every May
  • Website
    • Including monthly news and features, many online resources, a searchable blog, searchable newsletters, and archived presentations.
  • Policy Database
    • LTA’s peer-to-peer resource with over 3000 library and system policies shared by libraries and systems from across NYS libraries. searchable by multiple criteria
  • Webinars/Presentations
    • LTA wishes to provide you with engaging information on topics of your choosing; everything from library advocacy, library law, policy development, trustee-director relations, fundraising, and renovations to improving knowledge of how to use online technological resources like Google Drive, Facebook and other social media.
    • What would you like to learn more about?

Recognizing/Representing . . .

  • Awards – presented annually at LTA’s Trustee Institute
    • Velma Moore Award — granted to an individual or group of individuals who has made exemplary contributions to the development of library services in NYS
    • Outstanding Trustee Award — presented to a trustee who has shown a true understanding of his/her role as a trustee and has demonstrated unusual dedication and expertise in their role as a trustee
    • Outstanding Friend Award — presented to an individual in a FRIENDS group who has given extraordinary service as a FRIEND and to recognize his/her contribution in helping to make our libraries a vibrant, active, and essential force in our communities
  • Website and Newsletter Features
    • LTA promotes library and system efforts to advocate for their libraries, and recognizes accomplishments of your peers
  • Certified Trustee Program
    • A credit and reward program designed to recognize trustees who make the effort to educate themselves about libraries, library issues, and responsibilities of trustees.
    • Encourages trustees to earn credits by participating in trustee activities and to redeem them for special recognition and discounts on LTA sponsored events.
  • NYLA
    • LTA sponsors trustee related presentations at NYLA’s annual conference and supports NYLA with its efforts to advocate for libraries and get state library funding back to where it should be
  • Addressing and Communicating Trustee Concerns
    • LTA supports your efforts to drive change with NYS’ legislature, and we communicate concerns and feedback with state and local entities on your behalf.
  • E-mail blasts
    • Monthly e-mails from LTA which provide information to keep members informed of news and developments
    • Do we have your e-mail? If not, please share it, so we can share with you. All e-mail addresses are kept confidential and are used only for communicating LTA and trustee related information.
  • Networking
    • Including our online discussion group, and Trustee Institute.


  • Education about Advocating for Your Library
    • Through presentations, webinars, our website, our newsletter and personal communication with state and local officials.
  • Legislative Meetings and Testimony
    • LTA’s Board members attend library related legislative meetings and provide testimony to support public libraries and the concerns of trustees.
  • Advocacy Day
    • LTA is a supporter of NYLA’s Advocacy efforts and attends NYLA’s yearly Advocacy Day
    • We strongly encourage trustees to attend, we support trustee efforts to drive change state-wide, and we provide resources however possible to assist.
  • Awards
    • Recognition of trustee, Friends, and director efforts to drive change and improve library services locally and on a statewide basis

Being a library trustee is a labor of love. The trustees of New York State’s public libraries have oversight of $2.3 billion annually. Trustees protect and steer public literacy and community culture for future generations. These are awesome responsibilities – and LTA is here to help.

What you would like to see LTA do in our new ERA?