“Far from becoming irrelevant in the digital age, libraries in New York City and around the nation are thriving: adding weekend and evening hours; hiring more librarians and staff; and expanding their catalog of classes and services to include things like job counseling, coding classes and knitting groups.”

Also in the article: “Nationally, public libraries are redefining their mission at a time when access to technology, and the ability to use it, is said to deepen class stratification, leaving many poor and disadvantaged communities behind. Sari Feldman, president of the American Library Association, said library workers had shown people how to file online for welfare benefits and taught classes in science, technology, engineering and math to children who could not afford to go to summer camps.

‘All libraries are having a renaissance,’ Ms. Feldman said. ‘ We’re seeing that libraries have really stepped up to take on roles that are needed in a community.’

New York City’s 217 public libraries have rebounded in the past two years amid an infusion of city dollars, after years of budget and service cuts. An outpouring of support from library lovers has served as a reminder that the institutions are a crucial part of many lives.”

The article ends: “In New York City, there is somebody using library materials every second, every day of the year,” Mr. Zabriskie said. 'It’s showing that libraries are the fabric of society.”

Excerpts only, read the full article here: york-city- libraries.html

“A version of this article appears in print on July 5, 2016, on page A19 of the New York edition with the headline: Resurgent City Libraries Turn a Whisper Into a Roar”

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[NYLINE] Resurgent NYC public libraries
Great piece in the New York Times about New York City public libraries: york-city- libraries.html