Library Trustees Association

Board of Directors

Conference Call, 9 January, 2016


Present:  Tish Fontanella, Martha Anderson, Jean Currie, Mary Ellen Darling, John McCarthy, Bola Majekodunmi, Adria Ripka, George Wolf, Tim Gavin

Excused:   Phil Archer, Kim Garrett

Call to Order:  President Fontanella called the meeting to order at 4:04pm.

Approval of Minutes:  Motion by Wolf, 2nd by Ripka to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  A P & L was presented, but Gavin noted that it has not yet been reconciled.  The Association continues to do well with memberships and will end up in the black.   2015 expenses were lower than projected and the Institute was financially successful.  Wolf suggested that the Professional Fees line be broken out to show sub categories for the accountant, the Executive Director, and Web Maintenance.  This will be done in future.

President’s Report:  Fontanella noted with thanks all the hard work done by all members of the Board of Directors.

Executive Director’s Report: 

  • There will be a conference call for Institute planners on 14 January at 6pm.
  • There will be a conference call of the Finance Committee with the date to be determined.
  • Gavin will provide information for the Board to use when making membership renewal prompts later in the month.
  • Currie will get updates on each Director’s activities and timelines at the March meeting.
  • Anderson is asking various experts for help with surveys to be used for feedback on the LTA Long Range Plan as well as for the upcoming Institute.
  • The Board will suggest names of people who could be invited to Board meetings (remotely or in person), to provide updates on current library/trustee issues.  The PULISDO Chair will be invited for March.
  • Board members are reminded to share copies of all current policies from their own libraries/systems with Gavin for inclusion in LTA’s Library Policy Database.  Sharing of Long Range Plans is also encouraged.
  • Ripka and Darling will provide some tech talk for the rest of the Board to help improve our outreach and internal communication, e.g Google Drive and Asana.  McCarthy is also willing to assist with Asana.
  • Personal messages and expressions of appreciation (notes, phone calls etc.) are important and meaningful to members.

Committee Reports: 

  • Nominating:  New chair Garrett will also develop a program to recognize trustees around the state for something above and beyond their regular work.  Darling will serve on the committee and assist with development of recognition program.
  • Education: Anderson noted the LTA’s proposal for a program at the 2016 NYLA Conference on identifying the trustee skills needed to be visionary.  After brief discussion of other topics, the Board agreed to the proposal with the title Can You learn to be a Visionary?
  • Legislation: Anderson noted that the NYLA Legislative Committee will meet 26 January after the Governor’s Budget is presented.  The Board agreed that LTA would cover the costs of Gavin attending the New Yorkers’ for Better Libraries PAC event on 1 March.
  • Communications:  Darling will help Ripka with social media posts.
  • Regional Institute:  At the March meeting LTA will consider when and where to hold a regional institute on STEAM. Possible presenters could come from Phelps. 

Old Business:

  • By Laws:  Motion by Wolf, 2nd by Ripka to approve the revised draft By Laws.  Motion approved.  Currie will send a clean copy of the By Laws.
  • Conflict of Interest Policy:  Comments should be sent to Currie or Wolf.  A revised version will be voted on in March.
  • Long Range Plan:  McCarthy reported his uncertainty about the level of specificity required and asked the Board to send examples of our own long range plans with comments about how they work in practice.  Another issue is LTA trustee longevity and succession – how do we recruit new board members?  There will be more discussion in March and perhaps PULISDO could help.  There will be a draft of the plan by March.
  • 2016 Trustee Institute:
    • There will be a conference call of planners on 14 January.
    • The ASANA project management site is up and running.
    • Currie is working on the selection of a keynote speaker.
    • Currie and McCarthy will visit Plattsburgh on 25 January to meet with the Events Planner and Plattsburgh Public Library and CEFLS staff.
    • Likely Programs: Ripka will follow-up about the topic of making the most of tourism for library funding.  Libby Post will talk about local advocacy for funding.  Terry Kirchner will talk about evaluating library directors and trustees based on plans and goals.  Possible Program: making the most of existing resources by being creative and innovative.  ASANA will be used for other ideas.
    • Will continue to seek out opinions and contacts from host systems.
    • Some details need to be developed soon (programs, registration fees etc.) for early publicity in February/March.
    • The Friday night author event also needs to be pinned down.  McCarthy will work on that.
  • Important Dates: March 2 – Advocacy Day; LTA Board Meeting March 4-5, 2016 (Hampton Inn); May 6, 2016 LTA Institute at Plattsburgh (City Hall); LTA Board Meeting June 17-18, 2016 (Hampton Inn) 

New Business:

  • Trustee Recognition:  There was some discussion of how this would work, should there be criteria, how would people be recognized, and how to get “nominations”.  The program needs a catchy title.  There will be more discussion.

The meeting adjourned at 6:05pm

Minutes by Jean Currie, Secretary pro tem