LTA Board of Directors Meeting
March 13-14, 2015
Hampton Inn, Albany, NY

Friday, March 13, 2015 (7:30-10pm)



Present: Martha Anderson, Tish Fontanella, Bola Majekdunmi, Adria Ripka, John McCarthy, Kim Garrett, George Wolf, Jesse Feiler, Jean Currie

Excused: Bob Presutti, John Eberhardt, Phil Archer

   I.        Call to Order
             Tish Fontanella called the meeting to order at 7:27 pm.

   II.        Public Comment
              No public comment at this time.

   III.        Approval of Minutes
                Adria moved to approve the minutes from the January 2015 meeting as
amended, and George seconded.  The minutes were approved unanimously.              

   IV.        Introductions
               None at this time.

    V.        Treasurer’s Report
                 Profit and Loss statements were reviewed.  A motion to accept the report for
filing was made by George and seconded by Bola.  The motion carried


    VI.        Committees


  • Finance
    Bola reported that March would have higher expenses than normal, and that memberships were coming in steadily, but that everyone would need to continue to focus on memberships and sponsorships.  It was suggested that investment policies and investments in long term funds were reviewed at a later date.  Clarification regarding charitable contributions and donations would be sought.


  • Education
    Adria Ripka reviewed the Trustee Institute plans for Syracuse.  It was announced that online registration was available and the flyer for registration, which was also distributed at Advocacy Day, was distributed for review.  Jesse encouraged the use of a hashtag.  The cooperation among the four hosting system was praised, and sponsorships were being sought.  The next steps would be to continue to promote the Institute, finalize any outstanding details at the hotel and encourage attendance on a peer-to-peer level.  Basket for the raffle would be brought by LTA Directors to the Institute or sent ahead of time to Adria.  The 2015 NYLA Conference program would be present by Lauren Moore and Ron Kirsop of Pioneer, based on their program for simplified long range planning.


  • Reports on Advocacy Day and a 2015 NYLA Presentation would be moved to Saturday.


     The Friday portion of the meeting was called into recess at 9:58 pm by Adria and
seconded by Bola.


Saturday, March 14, 2015


    IX.        Call to Order
                 Tish Fontanella called the meeting to order at 9:05 am.


     X.        Guests
                 Carol Desch reported on ongoing activities at DLD, and SED activities
including: the new Board of Regents, the new duty that Bernie Margolis’ would
be taking on as the Director of the Research Library, iLead (and partnerships
with LTA and NYLA), the Ready to Read program which stems in part from the
20/20 vision.  Carol agreed to provide a URL for Ready to Read and other
pertinent programs, and asked for LTA’s help to get trustees aware and
involved.   Carol reviewed how the information obtained in Annual Reports was
used, and answered any general questions asked by the LTA Board of



     VIII.        Committees (continued)


  • Legislation
    Martha Anderson provided a recap of Advocacy Day.  Attendance seemed to be stronger than usual.  LTA’s table provided a chance to recognize trustees who came for the event, and provided an opportunity for in depth discussion with trustees and library directors, and even some legislators.  Tish reported that a video of one or more of the speeches would be posted on the website.  A big focus of Advocacy Day was that libraries should be considered and treated like educational Institutions, especially where funding was concerned.

Tim relayed the upcoming addition of a Library Legislation Portal to be added to LTA’s website.


  • Membership
    John McCarthy stressed the importance of peer-to-peer engagement with boards who have yet to renew for 2015.  There was discussion about how to appeal to more members.  March onward was the time for LTA Board engagement with members, and LTA is on track to surpass 2014’s membership numbers.


  • Nominating
    John McCarthy confirmed the slate of officers that would be presented at the annual meeting in May.  It was discussed that as LTA moved forward, and adopted other policies, that it would be helpful to have nominating policies and procedures reviewed.


  • Communications
    Adria and Tish encouraged submissions for material.  Adria mentioned that the fall newsletter would be ready for printing shortly.  Tish remarked that the cooperation from systems to submit material for the website had been outstanding, and reminded all LTA Directors to submit an article if they had a special event or program in their local library or system.  Timeliness and communication of having web services and updates completed and delivered by LTA’s provider remained a challenge.


  • Awards
    The awards committee (Jean, John and Jesse) presented the top candidates for the Board to review.  An Outstanding Trustee, an Outstanding Friend, and a Velma K. Moore Winner was selected.


   XI.        Old Business

  • Meeting DatesDates were confirmed for the remainder of the year, and through 2015:June 26-27, 2015 (Hampton Inn), September 11-12, 2015 (Hamtpon Inn),November 13-14, 2015 (Hampton Inn).  It was suggested that a short conference call to recap Institute plans should be scheduled in April.
  • Sponsorship
    tiers were clarified and reviewed.



   XI.        New Business

  • Certified Trustee Program
    A revision of the program would be considered and worked on after the Institute.  This would potentially be part of LTA’s long range plan.
  • Tag Line
    Tish and Adria proposed that a new tag line to replace the “formerly known as NYSALB” one be adopted.  Based on LTA’s mission statement, the tag line was modified to: “Connecting Trustees through advocacy, recognition and education.”

     Tish moved to adjourn the meeting at 2:21 pm and George seconded.

Respectfully submitted by Timothy Gavin, LTA Association Manager